10 cute but weird things cats do when they love you

10 cute but weird things cats do when they love you

Let’s face it – cats are weird creatures. But they’re also extremely affectionate! Here are ten bizarre behaviors your cat may display to show that she loves you.

There’s nothing quite like the weird and wonderful world of feline behavior. As cat parents, we love them all the more for their odd displays of affection. But how can we tell if they feel the same way? There are a number of ways in which our whiskered friends let us know that they care, and that they feel safe and loved. But some of these signs can be easily misinterpreted or missed. Here are ten common, classic, cute and weird things cats do to show that they love you.

1. They moon us

While most of us don’t subscribe to the idea of mooning being a go-to sign of affection, cats do! You may not appreciate it when they back it up in your face, but to your cat this is a clear sign of love and trust. Cats are private creatures and this blatant display of vulnerability is her way of showing you that she feels very comfortable around you.

2. They nibble on us

Of course, a sharp, angry bite isn’t very loving. But when your cat gently nibbles on your hand as you pet her, it’s often a sign of love and affection. Sometimes called ‘love bites’, these nibbles indicate that she loves you and doesn’t want you to take your hand away.

3. They knead us

Oh, it’s lovely to feel needed…and kneaded! When a cat kneads you with her paws (by pushing on you with her front paws, alternating left and right), she is indeed showing you that she needs you. Though their claws can make this a little uncomfortable, cats purposely do it gently with people they love. It’s a movement that begins when they nurse as kittens, so it’s a very instinctual sign of contentment.

4. They slowly blink at us

When a cat stares at you and blinks her eyes slowly, while it may seem standoff-ish or threatening, she’s actually communicating love and affection. You can even blink slowly back at her to offer your love in return, letting her know that she’s safe s

5. They curl their tails

You can tell a lot from a cat’s tail and its shape. When a cat approaches you with a tail that’s straight up and curved at the end, she’s signaling that she feels most amicable. It’s a posture often seen in cats approaching feline friends or any humans that they are fond of.

6. They wrap their tails around us

Speaking of tails… when a cat wraps her tails around you, it’s a sign of love. While a cat’s tail flailing around can signal annoyance, a gentle curve or a wrap around your leg means that she feels comfortable – a behavior akin to humans holding hands. It’s a great sign of friendship and trust.

7. They bring us dead animals

If your cat had the resources to bring you a bouquet of flowers, then surely she would, right? But since that’s not an option, the next best thing is apparently a carcass! For a cat, gifting her prey is a significant sign of affection. In the wild, food is precious, often taking a good deal of hunting to procure. So for your feline friend, offering up her “kill” is her way of saying, ‘don’t worry about cooking tonight, I’ve brought dinner’.

8. They purr and meow near us

If your cat is constantly crying or meowing in your vicinity, it may be that she’s hungry or wants to be left alone – but not necessarily. A talkative cat is also a loving cat that wants your attention! Likewise, when cats purr, it’s usually a sign of contentment and appreciation.

9. They show their bellies

Cat’s only expose their tummies to people that they trust, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they want their bellies rubbed. If your cat shows you her belly, you can try to gently rub it to see if she likes it, but either way, this behavior show you that she feels safe and loved in your company.

10. They lick us

A cat’s lick can indicate several things. She may lick you to signal that she wants some attention, perhaps to be petted or to play. However, it may also be her way of trying to clean you, which is a sure sign that she wants to bond. Licking is also often a sign that your cat feels calm around you.

Gaining a better understanding of the quirky ways that cats communicate can bring you closer to your own feline companion, and help to ensure that you don’t take a signal of love the wrong way. As pets go, cats are notorious for being fiercely independent, yet they are also very willing to be vulnerable with their humans. For a private, predatory creature, this is a sure sign of love!


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