10 Fun Things to Do With Your Dog This Summer

Summer is like a dog learning recall: We wait for him to come, but he’s gone again in a flash. After months of freezing their butts off, our dogs want us to make the most of these warm temperatures. Moving their heads from left to right as they watch us mow the lawn for the 10th time isn’t exactly summer fun, so try these 10 ideas.

1. Hit the beach

Unlike humans who fret over tan lines and pudgy tummies, canines enjoy a day in the surf. Watch your pup bounce down the beach like a Baywatch beauty, saving all the sticks from drowning. Sprinting in the sand is a great workout for pooches carrying extra pounds — twice as fun as a regular run, and it burns more calories.


Dog digging on beach by Bormozaya.

2. Let your diggers dig

They may not be great at sandcastle construction, but dogs sure do make great excavation crews. Just like human kids, dogs love to dig during a beach day. Follow along to fill in their potentially ankle-twisting masterpieces, and have poop bags ready so you can remove any buried treasure.

3. Dip your feet and paws in the pool

You may prefer to lounge poolside with your pup. Chlorinated water won’t leave your dog smelling like Eau de Seaweed, and you won’t have to spend hours removing sand from your car and furry friend. Schedule a potty break before diving in, though — dogs will pee in a pool if the urge hits (they’re no different than people that way).

4. Sprinkle where they tinkle

If you’re landlocked or don’t have a pool, frolick through the sprinkler in your own backyard. Chances are your dog will love sprinkler time just as much as you did as a kid — and any yellow pee patches on your lawn will love it, too.

5. Don’t chase the ice cream truck

Ice cream cones may be a summer memory from childhood but not one you’ll want to replicate for your dog. They’re full of tummy-troubling lactose and refined sugar. Instead of running after that annoyingly musical vehicle, maybe you and your dog could have some frozen berries and chase each other.

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6. Stay in the shade

Our dogs love to mark on trees, but during hot summer walks, these pee posts serve another great purpose for our pups: shade! Ideally, you want to find a tree casting enough shadow for you both, but if there’s only enough shade for one, let your dog take it. After all, you’re not the one wearing a fur coat.

Dog in the shade by Gina Cioli/Lumina Media.

Dog in the shade by Gina Cioli/Lumina Media.

7. Chill outdoors after dark

When breaks in the shade aren’t enough, it’s OK to stay indoors until the sun calms down. Sunset strolls lead to nights spent roasting wieners around the bonfire. This way you’ll have a cool canine by your side, begging for a hot dog instead of being one.

8. Head out for a hike

Some dogs are more ambitious than others when it comes to outdoor adventures. One might be ready to head out into the wild wearing his own backpack, while another would prefer to ride in a backpack. If you have the second type, stick to the easy trails, or call your chiropractor ahead of time.

Man and dog camping by Shutterstock.

Man and dog camping by Shutterstock.

9. Pop up the pup tent

Why not give camping a try? Most dogs wouldn’t mind giving up their usual spot on your king-sized bed in exchange for nearly instant nighttime access to premium outdoor potty spots.

10. Bask in the glory of air conditioning

If you’ve got AC at home, consider yourself one lucky dog. If you don’t, buckle up your pooch, and go for a ride in a car that does. Perhaps it’s time to stock up at the (coincidentally air-conditioned) pet store.

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