10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Spring with Your Dog

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After a long winter with more limited activity, spring is just around the corner—and you (and your dogs) are ready to get out and enjoy the warm weather!

Here are 10 fun ways to get your dog more active this spring and to enjoy this beautiful season:

Find a new dog walking route.

It’s easy to get in a dog walking rut…but there’s no reason not to break free with a new dog walking route!

Discover a new route for your dog walks–or take an old route in the direction opposite the one you normally take!

And make the decision to take your dog someplace new once a week, whether it’s a walk a little beyond your normal realm or a hike in a nearby park. Discovering new places together help strengthen your bond with your dog–and help you beat the winter blahs.

Discover the joy of wading.

Spring temperatures might be a bit too cool for a swim but you and your dog can enjoy an afternoon of wading.

Roll up your pants and splash around with your dog. For extra fun, see if the two of you can spot tadpoles (don’t worry: most are too fast to be at risk). Buy a new floating toy for an afternoon of fetching fun.

Give your dog a new spring look.

We all like a new spring dress or ‘do and so do our dogs! Freshen up your dog’s look with a new collar in spring shades.

Visit the groomer for a deshedding session to help remove that winter coat bulk and to prevent matting.

Try a new sport.

border collie agility

Whether you choose to teach your dog agility, lure coursing, dock diving, or surfing, the fun of a new dog sport can keep both of you happy and active.

Search for classes in your local area or go the DIY route, using everyday equipment from hoops to chairs to create your own agility course. 

Give Doggie Dancing a Whirl.

Spring has sprung—it’s time to shake a leg (or four!)

Turn on your favorite tunes, and dance with your dog like no one but your best friend is watching. Regardless of your skill levels, you and your dog will get a workout and enjoy the bonding time.

Dog dancing (like other indoor dog games) makes the perfect activity for days when those spring showers keep the two of you indoors, too.

Set Up a Wildflower Photo Session.

Do you have a photo of your pet in your local wildflowers?

In our home state of Texas, a family photo in the bluebonnets is an almost obligatory rite of spring.

Plan a photo shoot with a friend (or hire a pro) to capture the beauty of the season with your dog. Morning and evening hours generally bring the best color (although some wildflowers are slow to open in the morning light).

Invite Your Dog’s BFFs Over for a Dog Party.

If you have a securely fenced back yard, consider a spring party with paws. Invite your dog’s best buddies and their people for an afternoon bash.

Set out some extra dog bowls and toys then watch the fun. Keep your menu for human guests dog-friendly as well in case of any dropped (or stolen) food; make goodie bags so each guest can take home a few dog treats.

Turn the event into a fundraiser for your local shelter by asking attendees to bring a food or toy donation to help homeless dogs in your community.

Plan a Staycation.

If warmer weather has you itching to plan a dog-friendly vacation but you’re not yet comfortable traveling, plan a dog “staycation.”

Check a map of your local area for dog-friendly state and local parks as well as dog parks that you can explore together.

Just as if you were on vacation, put the staycation on your calendar, plan and pack for your day away. Take photos of your day trip to remember the fun of your mini-vacation.

Pack a picnic.

Spring is synonymous with sunny picnics, and the inclusion of your pet in this spring ritual makes it extra special. Pack a no-fuss meal for your two-legged family members and your pet’s usual food for him; too much food away from his usual diet can spell tummy troubles.

Be sure to keep your dog away from items on the do not eat list: oniony potato salad, any alcoholic beverages, fried chicken bones, chocolate desserts, and more.

If your picnic is at a public picnic area, be sure to do a quick sweep of the area on arrival for discarded chicken bones that can lurk beneath picnic tables out of your sight (but not your dog’s!)

Plan an Easter egg hunt.

Whether you hold it on Easter or another day, an dog Easter egg hunt is a fun way to take advantage of your dog’s natural hunting instincts as he “hunts” homemade dog treats, kibble or other bits of goodies.


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