10 reasons why kids should grow up with pets

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Having a pet with a little one at home is the most debated topic. Many parents chose to leave their pets in foster care, while a few inhuman ones abandon the animal. But, did you know that having a pet at home has many benefits and helps your child’s development? And most people consider that an idyllic childhood home is incomplete without the obligatory pet. Don’t agree with us? Here are 10 reasons why kids should grow up with pets.

Reduced need for antibiotics

While most parents think that having a pet around the house might increase the risk of diseases in your child, did you know that over-sanitation is what actually contributes to child sickness? Having a pet around will slowly and gradually introduce microbes and bacteria to your child’s immune system. This means they would need lesser antibiotics to protect themselves from the outside world.


Pets need care and attention all the time and everything from their food to nature’s call needs human assistance. Having a pet around will teach your child to take up the responsibility, and so they evolve as empathetic and compassionate individuals who are willing to care for others.

reasons to have pets at home

Increased self-esteem

Kids with pets tend to have higher levels of self-esteem as they are responsible for taking care of someone. Being dependable and kind are two great things your child will learn from having a pet. And these are highly likely to increase her self-esteem.

Healthier in general

People with pets are said to visit the doctor less frequently and are said to be relatively healthy. If your pet loves to spend more time outside, that’s sure to reflect in a healthier you. This is due to the fact that they tend to drag in more foreign bodies back home and help your body build immunity to one disease at a time.

kids with pets

Growing up and living with a pet will help your little one to take care of the less fortunate and be more willing to share. It will also teach her to get her priorities straight and be socially more responsible and compassionate. This is because pets are beyond just playthings and need constant guardianship, which will teach her to respect all living beings alike and care for the less privileged.

Social skills

Taking care of a pet requires an improved level of communication and an ability to understand the unspoken words. Kids who grow up with pets are likely to be more intuitive in picking up on emotions that others display and this will help her evolve as a better and an understanding human being.

Active childhood

All that running around the house, regular walk to the park, wrestling and jumping around that your child gets while playing with a pet (especially a dog), gives her the much-needed exercise for a fit lifestyle.

kids growing up with pets

A caretaker for your child

Animals, especially dogs, are intuitively trained to be around kids and tend to exhibit a natural affinity towards playing a guardian to both adults and kids at home. And with the right amount of socialization, this human-dog bond can forge a perfect family.

Relieves Stress

People growing up and living with pets have proven to have fewer cases of stress related diseases. And your child feel tend to feel calm and secure by just cuddling with the family pooch.

children growing up with pets

Better reading skills

Readers who’re trying to master the skill tend to get better when they read out to their pet. This is probably because pets do not judge or correct when you go wrong and that’s a motivator for kids. The more they read the better and it is best for children to read aloud so that they can hear themselves. So, what better way than to read out to your beloved pet.

There are many sound reasons why kids should grow up with pets. But the most important one is they’d learn to love unconditionally and always have a best friend along. So, stop thinking and get your little one a pet, a forever friend, and a loving family member for life.

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