10 Reasons You Need a Waterproof Blanket

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Pet parenting can be messy business–but that doesn’t have to stand in the way of snuggling with your dog on the couch or in your favorite chair.

Pet Parents®, a US-based company made up of pet parents–recently launched a line of waterproof blankets specially designed for pet households.

Whether you share your home and your heart with a housetraining puppy, an incontinent senior pet or a bully-stick-loving, slobbery adult dog, a waterproof blanket can save your upholstery–and help you enjoy cuddling with your canine without worrying about your furniture.

We’ve been trying out the new Pet Parents® Pawtect™ Blankets with our two dogs and three cats–and we’ve found a LOT of reasons you should consider a waterproof blanket for your pet home.

Protect Furniture from Soggy Dogs

Whether it’s due to winter slush or summer splashes, soggy dogs can mean soggy upholstery. Barli loves to splash in our creek; since it’s literally steps from the house, he can bring in a lot of water in his coat.

I love covering the couch with our Pawtect™ Blanket–it absorbs the moisture, Barli gets a cozy place to settle down and I protect the couch upholstery. Score!

When it’s time to wash the blanket, all I need to do is toss it in the regular cycle (warm water) with our regular detergent (no bleach). The blanket then gets popped in the dryer and comes out fluffy and warm. Note: Skip the fabric softeners…they’ll reduce absorbancy.

Make Your Dog’s Crate Cozy

Make your dog’s crate comfy and cozy by adding a waterproof blanket. The specially-designed layers will wick up any spills or accidents.

Need additional layers? Pet Parents® Pawtect™ Pads provide plenty of protect–and they’re washable as well!

Protect Your Car Upholstery

Just like your home upholstery, car upholstery needs to be protected from muddy paws, urine, shed fur–and, of course, vomit, if your dog is prone to car sickness.

Cover Your Dog Bed

Yes, most dog bed covers are washable–but we all know that wrestling that cover off the bed isn’t the easiest task…and don’t get us started on the difficulty of getting some beds back IN the cover after it goes through the wash.

A waterproof blanket is easy to flip over your dog’s favorite bed and equally easy to toss in the wash.

Use During Housetraining

I am going to be the first to admit that housetraining Barli took longer than I expected. Barli had lived three of his first five months in a shelter–so potty breaks meant heading to the corner of his space.

If you’re in the process of housetraining, keep up your routine with frequent potty breaks. (For every month of your puppy’s age, his bladder will hold for about one hour–so your three-month-old needs to go every three hours, maximum.)

But accidents happen. Pet Parents® Pawtect™ Blankets and Pet Parents® Pawtect™ Blanket Plus–with extra layers for heavy duty absorption–are specially designed with layers to absorb moisture and a waterproof layer to prevent soiling of the fabric beneath the blanket.

And a special bonus for puppy parents: the blanket’s LockJaw™ edges are designed to protect the blanket from fraying–even when faced with those sharp little puppy teeth!

Make Incontinent Pets Comfortable

Incontinence–whether it’s a permanent condition or a temporary one due to injury or surgery–doesn’t have to mean an end to sharing your couch or bed with your dog…you just need to get creative!

Pet Parents® Pawtect™ Blanket Plus–available exclusively on the Pet Parents website–provide extra absorption. Offered in three sizes, the Plus blankets are reversible with snuggly softness on both sides. (These pair great with the Pet Parents® Washable Dog Diapers if you need additional coverage.)

Travel With Your Dog

Protect hotel beds, provide a cozy place for your dog to settle or give your dog a snuggly place to lie when visiting friends with your Pawtect™ Blanket.

The reversible blanket features a Chocolate or Slate plush fabric on one side with a Sherpup® multi-layered fabric on the flip side. Sherpup® creates an interior impermeable barrier and ensures the ultimate softness and coziness exterior for your pet, wherever your travels may take you.

Pet Parents® original Pawtect™ Blankets are made up of our specifically created faux fur fabric and our proprietary Sherpup® multi-layer material. Sherpup® is not only the coziest fabric around, but also creates an impermeable barrier between both exterior fabrics so that no moisture can seep through either side of the blanket making our Pawtect™ Blankets perfect for all pets!

Provide the Scent of Security

Remember Linus and his trusty blanket? Your Pawtect™ Blanket just might become your dog’s security blanket, providing the comforting scent of home wherever you go.

The plush blanket makes an excellent place for your dog to settle as well, whether you are enjoying a restaurant patio meal or a visit with a friend.

Keep Fur off the Furniture

We all know that pet fur works its way into upholstery. With three black cats, one black dog and one white dog, there’s no matching our upholstery color to the fur…so we work to keep the furniture fur free!

I throw our blanket on the couch and it’s a dog and cat magnet! (Lucky will attest to that!)

Snuggle With Your Dogs

[embedded content]

Yep, the Pawtect™ Blankets are perfect for snuggling up with your dog for a night of binge watching! (I highly recommend the Large size so you and your dog can completely stretch out!)

Our dogs give Pawtect™ Blankets a big paws up for cuddly softness–and I wholeheartedly agree for style, comfort–and protection of our furniture!

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