14 Cleaning Hacks Every Dog or Cat Owner Should Know

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Feel like you’re chasing your tail attempting to keep on top of the domestics? Try our handy pet hacks to cut down the amount of time you spend tending to your furry housemates.

7. Don’t Brush the Dog? Use a Vacuum Instead!

7. Don't Brush the Dog? Use a Vacuum Instead!7. Don't Brush the Dog? Use a Vacuum Instead!The Family Handyman

Instead of brushing your pet and then cleaning up the fur with a vacuum, use the vacuum with an upholstery attachment to brush the dog.

The vacuum sucks up all the loose fur so you don’t spend any extra time cleaning.

8. No-Mess Litter Box

8. No-Mess Litter Box8. No-Mess Litter BoxThe Family Handyman

It’s not fancy, but it’s a cheap way to keep litter in the litter box where it belongs.

Trace an opening on one end of a plastic storage container, then push a sharp razor knife into the plastic and cut out the opening.

Pour in the litter and your cat will figure out the rest.

9. Neat and Tidy Pet Food Dispenser

9. Neat and Tidy Pet Food Dispenser9. Neat and Tidy Pet Food DispenserThe Family Handyman

Build this bin and you can fill the dog dish with the flick of a finger and do away with that crumpled bag of dog food lying on the garage floor.

This bin easily holds two 20-lb. bags of food and allows you to dispense it right into the dish. And you can store two types of food so the cat won’t get jealous.

Slide open the ‘blast gate’ and food falls into the dish. A hinged top allows easy refilling. Get


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