3 Books to Read This Fall

Books get your tail wagging? Here are some great reads we hope you enjoy!

books for dog lovers

The Meaning of Woof: What Your Dog Really Thinks
Wonder what all your dog’s barks, licks, growls and tail wags mean? This book by Pamela Weintraub will help you decipher them. Recent research has uncovered surprising information about the secret language of dogs; here, you can learn how to interpret their behavior and what they’re trying to communicate, leading to a happier, healthier and more confident pet. The book explores the nature of our relationship with dogs, including personal tales, scientific explorations and inspiring stories. Published by Centennial Books.

Citizen Canine: Dogs in the Movies

If you’re a dog lover and a movie buff, this is the book for you! Written by Wendy Mitchell, it looks at the wonderful moments when dogs and movies come together and features 60 of the cutest and bravest pooches from the silver screen. You’ll learn about the history of dogs in the movies, from the silent films of Charlie Chaplin all the way to modern cinema. It’s also a reminder of the talented dogs who taught us about loyalty and love. You’ll get fun facts and behind-the-scenes stories that celebrate the caring and dedicated trainers, as well as the actors and directors who found clever ways to work with their canine co-stars. Published by Laurence King Publishing.

books for dog lovers

How to Teach Philosophy to Your Dog
A scruffy Maltese named Monty enjoys sniffing at trees and barking at other dogs. But after one too many confrontations with the local Rottweiler, author Anthony McGowan decided it was time to talk to Monty about what it means to be a good or bad dog. Using Monty’s antics, McGowan takes you on a hilarious but enlightening trip through the major debates of philosophy. Will Kant convince Monty to stop stealing cheesecake? How long will Socrates keep poking holes in every argument? This fun take on morality and ethics shows that man’s best friend deserves to know the secrets of how to live a good life as much as humans do. Published by Pegasus Books


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