4th of July pet safety tips and what to do if your pet gets lost

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With many fireworks shows canceled, more people are expected to be setting off safe and sane fireworks from their homes if their city permits.

It’s still crucial for pet owners to keep their pets safe tonight.

“On the Fourth of July we generally see a lower amount of adoptions but what we do see after the Fourth of July is a higher number of intakes,” marketing and graphics specialist for the Palm Springs Animal Shelter, Catie Voglio told News Channel 3.

That’s because many pets get spooked by fireworks and run away. Voglio said animal control typically gets 30% more calls on the night of July 4th and day after for stray sightings.

She shares with us some Fourth of July pet safety tips.

“People need to make sure their yards are secure,” she said. “If your dog or cat is outside, it’s a really good time to bring them inside,” she added.

Once inside, create a safe space for them.

“Give them that calm place they may need when the fireworks are going off,” she said.

While the fireworks are going off, give them something to distract them from the loud noises.

“Treats are a great way to keep the dog or cat distracted,” she said. “We recommend Kongs, freezing some chicken stock, these are all really good ways to distract your dog during times that can be a little more hectic,” she added. “If you are having people over, it’s a great way to keep them calm and by themselves either in a different room or somewhere where they’re able to chill out,” she said.

Never bring your pet around any type of fireworks.

“When it comes time to do fireworks or however you choose to celebrate, make sure your animals are not outside with you,” she said. “Those noises are so overwhelming to them. That is how a pet gets lost,” she shared.

The Palm Springs Animal Shelter recommends before festivities begin, take a good photo of your pet in case it escapes.

If your pet does go lost or missing they say to visit their website: https://psanimalshelter.org/

You can also email them at intake@psanimalshelter.org

They also recommend reaching out to the Coachella Valley Animal Campus as well and posting a good photo of your pet on social media and on neighborhood group pages.

For original article click here


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