5 Tips for Establishing a New Aquascape or Planted Aquarium

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These are our top 5 tips when setting up a new aquascape or planted aquarium. We get asked questions relating to this daily so I hope this will help answer some of yours questions. Please comment if you need an answer to something else and I can add it to the list of videos 🙂

One thing I didn’t mention in the video which I think is important is planting densely from the start, this will help give your plants the upper hand and will establish much quicker.

I will leave some links to products mentioned in the video. We can recommend what to use because everything is tested in our showroom 🙂

Thanks again for watching!


Daily plant feed – https://www.aquariumgardens.co.uk/the-aquascaper-complete-plant-food-500ml-2370-p.asp

Big bottle of plant food for big tanks – https://www.aquariumgardens.co.uk/tnc-complete-25l-3350-p.asp

Seachem Purigen – https://www.aquariumgardens.co.uk/seachem-purigen-100ml-bagged-2481-p.asp

Seachem Pristine – https://www.aquariumgardens.co.uk/seachem-pristine-250ml-2650-p.asp

Seachem Stability – https://www.aquariumgardens.co.uk/seachem-stability-250ml-2653-p.asp

Dimmer for our Twinstar Lights – https://www.aquariumgardens.co.uk/twinstar-led-light-dimmer-2559-p.asp

Water conditioner for water changes – https://www.aquariumgardens.co.uk/seachem-prime-100ml-2260-p.asp

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