5 Tips to Improve Your Pet Photos

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If you are stuck at home and looking for something to photograph right now, your pets can be a great way to keep your technique sharp and create some nice personal memories at the same time. This fantastic video will show you some great tips for taking better photos of your pets.

Coming to you from ZY Productions, this excellent video will give you lots of helpful tips from improving your pet photos. This can be a really great way to do something fun and create some nice memories while you are stuck at home for the time being. Along with the tips given in the video, my personal advice is to be patient — really patient. Obviously, pets can’t understand your posing commands or the like like a human subject could, and depending on how energetic yours are, they might fidget about quite a bit. Stay patient, but also be prepared to take images quickly, as they will often give you a nice pose for just a second or two before they get distracted again! Treats and toys can help quite a bit too. The last time we did a photoshoot with our puggles, it took about an hour and probably around 600 frames to get some really good keepers, but it was well worth it and a ton of fun. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 


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