5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe During Fireworks #infographic

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Here in Texas, fireworks are limited to certain holidays, with the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve being the big events. However, just yesterday I was out running errands and saw a fireworks stand that was soon going to be opening for Memorial Day weekend–which of course made me start thinking about our dogs. Both Tiki and Barli hate fireworks so we’ll be sure they’re safely indoors well before potential fireworks next weekend.

Although this helpful infographic from K9 of Mine is designed for the 4th of July, you’ll find great tips for any fireworks periods with tips on making this holiday a safe one for your dog.

And if you don’t have Memorial Day fireworks in your area next week, use this as a time to get a head start on Independence Day fireworks! Desensitization to fireworks take time, so this is a great time to get started!


This post was first published in 2016.


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