6 Lockdown summer pet care tips to follow

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The COVID-19 lockdown presents another challenge for pet parents self-isolating at home. With limited or no access to pet salon services, most pet owners are resorting to taking care of their pet’s grooming, diet and exercise needs at home. And as summer hits its peak, there are few things pet parents need to keep in mind to ensure the well-being of their pooches and cats. Dhaval Bhatt, owner of a Bandra-based store that looks into the needs of pets, shares, “The lockdown is a difficult and challenging time for both pet parents and their pets as a professional touch is required, especially when it comes to pet care and grooming. While some pet owners may have access to a pet salon, the ones that do not should ensure that their pet’s needs are met.”
6 Summer pet care tips you need to adhere to
Bathe your pet at least once a week. Make sure the water does not enter their ear canals. Also, avoid applying shampoo on the face area.

Avoid nail clipping at home, if your pet’s nails have grown, use a filer to file them. However, do not over file them, and don’t try to cut the nails because you could end up hurting your dog or cat, and this may result in bleeding.
Check your dog’s ears regularly. If you spot wax or dirt, take some cotton and wrap it around your finger and clean their ears without entering deep inside the ear canal. This will ensure your pet does not get any fungal or bacterial infection.

Also, avoid trimming the fur of your pet as you may end up hurting it.

Follow a regular diet for your pets, and mid afternoon when it gets really hot you can give them some buttermilk without salt to maintain their temperature.

Play with your pet at least once a day for 15 to 20 minutes. Make them run around the house. Throw a ball and let them fetch it. It’s a good way to let them exercise their muscles.

So, as you make time for self care amid the lockdown, also ensure that you devote as much time to pet care.

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