6 Reasons Dog Moms Deserve a Round of Applause

As a dog mom, you play such an important role in your pet’s lives. You know all of the things, big or small, that make your dog happy and are always on the lookout for new ways to make their day brighter. In honor of dog moms everywhere, we’ve put together a list of six reasons why dog moms like yourself are simply the best.

You feed them all-natural, fresh food

One of the most important things dog moms do for their pets is not only feed them, but feed them the healthiest food they can. Choosing Freshpet means choosing food for your dog, not “dog food”. This is because our recipes are made from 100% farm-raised chicken, beef or fish, and all-natural fruits and veggies grown right here in the USA. When you choose to serve fresh, all-natural food to your pet, you’re helping them live their best, happiest, tail-wagging life.

You keep their minds active

You know that your furry family member is happiest when they’re engaged in an activity, so you work hard to ensure they stay active mentally as well as physically. Whenever possible, pups are given activities to work through. This could be interactive games during playtime, practicing and learning new commands throughout the day, or even making them work for their meals with food puzzles. Not only does this keep their minds sharp, but it also reduces the chance of destructive behavior due to boredom – which is a huge bonus for everyone.

You share your bed with them

Animals are at their most vulnerable when they sleep, which is why they often sleep in a pack. When you allow your dog to sleep with you, it’s the ultimate display of trust, love, and affection. It makes your dog feel safe, shows them that they are an important part of your pack and allows them to connect with you in a new way. Of course, there are also benefits for yourself as well such as being lulled to sleep by your pups rhythmic breathing and feelings of security having them nearby.

You brave inclement weather for them

Rain or shine, dog moms like yourself make sure that your pet gets some much needed outside time. Even when staying inside is the only option for most of the day, you know the importance of getting their daily exercise and fresh air. Not only that, but you also make sure that they’re dressed for the weather to make your time outside together as safe and enjoyable as possible – we’re talking winter jackets, rain jackets, boots and even paw wax if needed. If there’s something to make your dog more comfortable outside, you’ve got it.

You make your home, their home

When it comes to your home, dog moms like yourself live by the expression “mi casa es su casa”. Your pup isn’t an afterthought when it comes to your home design and decor – in fact, you tailor your home to make it as dog-friendly as possible. Instead of choosing inexpensive toys and accessories that are hidden away in spare rooms or rarely visited corners of your home, you invest in items you’re proud to display front and center. You may even have made design changes based on your dog’s needs, such as a bathing station in your laundry room or a cozy sleeping nook under the stairs. Nothing is too much when it comes to making your dog comfortable in their home.

You embrace the craziness

Things that non-dog owners might find annoying, dog moms fully embrace as part of being a pet parent. Skipping your weekend sleep-ins to feed them breakfast and let them outside, accepting barking fits any time something passes your window, or even chasing them around the house trying to get back that piece of clothing they took from the laundry basket – you do it all with a smile. Being a pet parent may have its moments, but you know that these quirks are what makes life with your dog special and you wouldn’t change a thing.

These are just six of the countless reasons why dog moms deserve to be celebrated. Do you know a dog mom that goes above and beyond for their pets? We’ve love to hear about them in the comments!


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