6 Water Games to Play With Your Dog This Summer

Summer is here and for many of us, that involves enjoying the water with our dogs! If you and your dog are looking for ways to add more water fun into your summer days, check out these water-based games and activities.   

Baby pool:  If you have a yard or patio, set up a baby pool for your dog. Even dogs who don’t enjoy swimming often enjoy wading in a shallow baby pool. Avoid inflatable pools and stick with hard plastic baby pools or pools specifically made for dogs. 

Sprinkler chase: Remember how fun it was to run through a sprinkler when you were a child? Many dogs enjoy this game as well. Add some fun and water the grass at the same time by pulling out your rotating sprinkler. Your dog might enjoy chasing the water back and forth, just make sure your dog doesn’t get frustrated and try to bite the hose or sprinkler itself. 

Fetch: For dogs who enjoy playing fetch, adding in a water component can bring the game to the next level! Use toys that float and start by tossing them into the baby pool and encourage your dog to retrieve it. 

Floating/surfing: Surfs up! Do you think your dog might like surfing? It’s a fun activity that dogs of any size can enjoy. With supervision, pool rafts specially made for dogs, or even some intended for children, can work well. Introduce your dog to the float slowly out of the water and then in shallow water. Next level: consider teaching your dog to surf! 

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Dunk and Find:  In a shallow baby pool or calm shallow water, drop in a toy that doesn’t float or a treat to encourage your dog to stick his face in the water to retrieve it. This game is excellent for dogs who enjoy wading and even dogs who might be uncertain about getting their feet wet. 

Dock diving:  Dock diving is one of the fastest-growing sports — dogs jump into pools competing to see what dog can jump the farthest. If you already know your dog enjoys swimming, find a Canine Swim Facility/ Dock Diving event in your area, most of which offer practice sessions and the opportunity to work with a dog swimming trainer. 

Top Photograph:  stevecoleimages/Getty Images


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