7 Amazing Ideas to Celebrate National Pet Week 2020

Your pet gives you so much joy, to reciprocate the unconditional love it gives, makes an extra effort to make your pet superbly special during the National Pet Week 2020.

Here are some ideas on how you can have some pawsome time with your pet during the celebration of National Pet Week 2020:

1. Hang Out with Your Pet

As a pet parent, maybe there is a part of you that feels guilty for not spending enough time with your pet. Now is a great opportunity to let your pet enjoy the great outdoor.

You’d be surprised that even with just a few hours in the park, your cat or your dog would be elated with excitement. Do play ball or tug-of-war. Not only is this beneficial for your pet, but it is good for your health, too!

Try testing your pet’s intelligence by allowing it to engage in ‘brain activities’ like puzzles. The idea of these games is for your pet to figure out how to score and be rewarded with tasty pet treats.

Depending on where you live, you can also explore with your pet a park where you haven’t visited yet. You may also want to let your pet socialize with other dogs and cats. Allow it to feel comfortable around other animals, people, and new places.

Since it is a national pet week in 2020, it is most likely that there are fun games for you and your pet like a fun run or pet race.

If your dog is not confident or friendly enough to strangers, do the process slowly, lest it will only create anxiety. Take it out for socialization for, say, 20 minutes, then gradually do it longer on the following days.

Why is pet socialization recommended? 

It promotes confidence. Through socialization, your pet will develop good manners. It is also good for you as it will lessen your stress and anxiety every time you take your pet with you in pet-friendly restaurants, malls, and social gatherings like in National Pet Week activities.

It promotes a healthy life. Pets who interact and play with other animals lead happier lives. The saying-‘a tired pup is a good pup’ can be best achieved through social interactions.

2. Attend Short Seminars

During the National Pet Week 2020, there will be short seminars to be conducted by Veterinarians and pet lovers who are willing to share tips on how to raise healthy pets.

Regardless of the kind of pet you have-be it a fish, a bird, a guinea pig, a rabbit, we are sure you will be able to find a scheduled seminar that is pet-specific. This is the best time to take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about health, nutrition, and other issues about your much-loved pet. 

The idea of these short seminars is to impart to pet lovers on what to do to be more responsible pet owners.

By being aware of the needs of your pet, you extend the life expectancy of your pet.

How to be a responsible pet owner?

  • Commit
  • Invest
  • Obey local ordinances regarding pet ownership
  • Let your pet wear tags
  • Limit the number
  • Prepare for disasters

All of these you can learn more thoroughly during the National Pet Week 2020.

3. Help Raise Funds

With so many abandoned pets around, one of the best things that you can do is to raise funds for the sheltered animals for their daily need for food, vitamins, medicines, and grooming requirements.

You can organize a pet show in your local area. It should be open for dogs, cats, birds and other types of pets. You can make it fun by including games like agility games or maybe, a pet with the best costume.

Do you love baking? Why not donate the proceeds to an animal shelter. What about a garage sale?

Whatever the amount is, it will go a long way in providing the needs of those in animal shelters.

4. Volunteer

You can share your valuable time during the National Pet Week 2020 by volunteering. What’s nice about volunteerism is the chance to involve your kids as well. By doing so, not only do you impart service to the community but you also inculcate the value of selflessness and love for animals to your children.

You can call an animal shelter nearby so you can help in the clean-up or do some clerical works. You may also go to a pet park to scoop up poops and other rubbish. Or, you may go to a local gym or if there’s a tennis court in your community, can collect old and used tennis balls and leave these in the pet park for pets to enjoy.

What about volunteer to adopt a rescue pet? If you are thinking of additional members to your family, why not consider adoption? This is the best act pet lovers can do during National Pet Week 2020. So, head out to your nearest animal shelter to adopt one or more animals and let them enjoy the gift of companionship from you.

5. Wellness Check-up

Even if you take your pet to the Vet for its annual vaccination shots, why don’t you make it a habit to have a wellness check-up during the Pet National Week?

It is your major responsibility to make sure that your pet is in tip-top shape. You can do that by having it examined for the early detection of health issues. For example, have the ears checked for signs of fungal infections, blood testing for possible signs of diabetes, and other kinds of animal medical screening.

The same goes to your pet’s teeth, it may be time for cleaning to remove plaque and tartar. Is your pet a rabbit? then the dental issue is the most common problem for rabbits so it helps if you take it to the Vet during the National Pet Week 2020.

Your pet depends on you so don’t let it down. Let it undergo an annual wellness check-up.

6. Educate

Do you work in the academe? If yes, then you can do so much during the National Pet Week 2020. First, you can make a Powerpoint presentation for your students to understand more about responsible pet ownership.

These days, so many pets are given-up simply because owners are ill-prepared about the proper care and the cost of raising pets. If you will think about it, it all stems from ignorance.

But, if at a tender age, they will learn that it is not enough reason to buy a pet simply because it is cute, but understanding that buying a pet comes with a huge responsibility. That being said, we hope that in time, with your help,  there will be no more pet shelters across the globe.

If you are not involved in the academe, you can also do your share in educating pet and non-pet lovers. How? By joining a creative writing contest about pets. If you are an artist, then showcase your creative mind by joining the national pet week 2020 poster contest.

These contests aim to increase awareness about veterinary medicine, the bond between man and animals, and to promote responsible pet ownership.

7. Get Your Pet Covered

It is time to get pet insurance for your fur buddies. You just do not know when disaster will strike. Do you have enough funds to cover Veterinary bills in case your pet gets sick? It is a pity to see animals abandoned and not receive proper medical treatment because their parents forgot to have them covered.

By availing of a good pet insurance plan, you can sleep better knowing that whatever happens, you got your pet covered.


Whatever way you want to celebrate National Pet Week 2020, allocate time for your furry or feathered baby. Make an extra effort to cuddle, to give longer belly rubs, and whatever it is that your pet loves.

It is your pet’s special week and for whatever its worth, your pet deserves your love, time, and attention. Just give in and in return, you will get nothing but unconditional love and loyalty.

But, you can make one step further by getting involved. Like many passionate pet lovers, you can help organize events to raise money and awareness regarding the plight of abandoned animals. It does not matter how big or small the event is, what matters most is your effort in increasing the awareness to take good care of small animals during the National Pet Week 2020.

Author Bio:

Jaden is an author of mypetience.com, a pet blog sharing knowledge about taking care of a pet. He has more than five years of experience in raising small animals like dogs, cats, hamsters, and freshwater fish. What he always focusing on is offering valuable and useful information to pet enthusiasts.


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