8 Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners Tips

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You probably love your pets dearly. But if you own dogs or cats, you know that they can generate more work when it comes to cleaning. But not to worry. These cleaning tips for pet owners can help you easily keep your apartment neat and tidy for you and your pet.

Cover the Furniture

This isn’t really a cleaning tip, per se, but this can help make cleaning much easier. Buy a cover and place it over the couch or any chairs your pet might like to lay on. This can prevent hair from accumulating. Best of all, when you need to clean it, simply remove the cover and put it in the washing machine. Purchase a cheap one if you think your cat or dog might ruin it. At least you furniture underneath it will remain clean.

When You Have a Sick Pet

“If your pet vomits on carpet, remove solid material with a paper towel. Coat the area with an equal mixture of baking soda and salt, then let dry. Finish by vacuuming and blotting with club soda,” says Meg Roberts, president of cleaning company Molly Maid.

Clean Up Those Beds

If your cat or dog’s bed isn’t smelling all that great (and you’d rather not put it in the washing machine), try this:
“Get rid of odors by sprinkling pet beds with baking soda. Let sit for 15 minutes to deodorize and vacuum,” advises Roberts.

Vacuum or Sweep Often

If you have a pet who sheds, you’ll want to vacuum or sweep up as often as needed to prevent the fur from piling up all over your home. At least once a week or more should keep your home clean.

Keep the Outside Out of Your Apartment

If your cat or dog tends to track in dirt or other elements after being outside or at a dog park, try to clean up as soon as he or she comes in your apartment.
“Keep a towel by the door to wipe paws immediately after being outside. If you notice that their paw pads are a little dry, dab with olive oil to soothe,” says Roberts.

Pick Up Wires

Since some dogs and cats love to chew on loose wires, be sure to keep them out of the way.
“Coil or clip them together, and store them up high. For the cords that need to stay put, tape them to the baseboards or to the back of your entertainment center,” suggests Jose Zuniga, marketing, content, and social media strategist for storage company MakeSpace, who also lives in a studio apartment with a Morkie.

Store Cleaners in Safe Places

When you’re not using the liquids to clean, keep the chemicals in places where your pets can’t get to them.
“Store hazardous things like Drano, boric acid, detergent, bleach, and medicine up high, preferably in a cabinet,” says Zuniga. “For items that your dog can choke on, such as nail polish and tampons, put them in secure containers. That way if the containers fall on the floor, your pet can’t eat their contents and possibly choke.”

How to Get Out Urine Stains and Smells

If your pet has an accident, look no further than your kitchen cabinet to get rid of the smell.
“Rub out carpet stains with a rag soaked in half of a cup of white vinegar and two tablespoons of salt. Then sprinkle baking soda on the stain to absorb the odor,” says Zuniga. Vacuum the mixture, and then the carpet should be good as new.
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Updated: February 27, 2017

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