All You Need Is Dog Treats

If you have a new puppy and are looking for the secret to training the puppy into the well-behaved dog of your dreams, the secret is simple and easy: dog treats.

All dog owners know the sometimes slow and frustrating process of training, taming and teaching their dog some good behavior and maybe even some fun tricks. The problem for many owners is that they forget about one of the main reasons that any human or dog will act: motivation. Just like you need a little motivation to start exercising more or to get your house cleaned out, dogs need motivating reasons big enough to make them want to stop wetting on your carpet or eating holes into all of your socks. Dog treats can be a sure way to motivate your precious pup to do almost anything you desire.

Dog treats are a great motivator for puppies for the obvious reason that they taste good. Only when dog treats are actually reserved as a special treat will dogs want to do whatever it takes to enjoy the yummy treat. Can’t you see how this is true? Imagine these two options in your own life: in the first option, you could eat ice cream as much and as often as you wanted to; in the second option, you could only enjoy ice cream if you had put in a full hour of working out. Now tell me, would you be very motivated to work out under the first option? Of course you wouldn’t. Not if ice cream could be a treat whether you exercised or not. I want you to know that your puppies and dogs are no different, and that is why it is vital that dog treats are only given as a reward for performing well.

For you, the dog owner, dog treats are great because they are relatively inexpensive. Before you rush off and spend a lot of money for a puppy obedience school you should try to train your puppy for a considerable amount of time on your own. And use dog treats. Even if the process of training your own puppy is frustrating, it will be better for you and your pup if they received all of their training from you.

Whether you are teaching your pup how to sit down or roll over or how to go potty outside, using dog treats can be an important element of the training. In no time your dog will learn to love the reward of dog treats enough that it will obey every command you give it. Run to a local pet shop, pick up a box of dog treats and let the training process begin!


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