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Moo, cluck, and squeak along with our favorite animal sounds songs! Find out what farm animals, jungle animals, and pets say in this hour long video collection.

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The Animals On The Farm – 0:00
I Have A Pet – 3:02
Old McDonald – 5:11
What Do You Hear? – 8:41
Walking In The Jungle – 11:44
I See Something Blue – 15:10
Count & Move – 17:59
If You’re Happy – 19:09
Uh-huh – 21:01
Row Row Row Your Boat – 22:29
One Potato, Two Potatoes – 24:22
Put On Your Shoes – 25:44
Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream? – 29:56
BINGO – 32:22
I See Something Pink – 35:09
Count Down & Move – 37:56
Let’s Go To The Zoo – 39:06
The Wheels On The Bus – 42:46
Counting Bananas – 45:13
Open Shut Them – 46:38
Seven Steps – 49:02
One Little Finger – 50:56
The Months Chant – 53:10
How’s The Weather? – 55:23
Hickory Dickory…Crash! – 57:14

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