Aquarium Water Change Tip – from “Tap-to-Tank” – this is How I Do It! Safe and Fast!

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Safe and fast aquarium water changes have been a game changer for me. Different people have different ways of accomplishing water changes. This is what has been working for me.
Some of you have asked about how I ensure that water going directly from the tap to my tanks is safe and harmless to my fish. Here I show you exactly how I do it and how it helped me break free from the “bucket brigade.”
Here’s my full water change playlist. Click here for more water change tips & tricks:
How do you do water changes? Watch the video then share your thoughts in the comment section below, keeping in mind that on this channel, “We ALL LEARN FROM EACH OTHER!” Also, remember that many of us, including me, enjoy reading the conversations that take place between all of you, the “Convo Gang,” in the comments section.
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