Ask Dr. Aziza: Why Do Dogs Eat Grass And Other Answers to Your Top-Asked Questions

Our Freshpet vet, Dr. Aziza, is back with answers to your most-asked pet questions! From behavior and care to health and physiology, we get to the bottom of the things you’ve always wondered about your four-legged friends.

Q: Why do dogs eat grass?

A: There are three
main reasons why dogs eat grass. The first reason is that it could be an
instinctual behavior – research studies showing that wolves occasionally eat
grass. The second reason is that it could be behavioral – anxiety can cause
attention-seeking behavior or it can be a playful experience. The third reason
is that it’s your dog’s way of trying to balance their diet – it’s one way to
introduce fiber into its diet if it is not well balanced.

Q: What’s the best human food I can give
my pet as a snack?

A: High-quality,
low-calorie human foods make the best types of snacks. Opt for pet-safe friends
and vegetables such as fresh green beans, carrots, bananas, strawberries, and
blueberries, as these are packed with nutrients. Make sure to stay away from
human foods that can be toxic, like grapes, raisins, garlic, onion, and
macadamia nuts, as these foods can cause damage to their organs like their

Q: What food is best for my dog or cat?

A: The best food for
your dog or cat is one that is well balanced, tastes good, and supports your
pet’s lifestyle and medical concerns.

  • If your pet is overweight: The best dog food will be a great diet with lower calories to make it easier to shed the pounds, like Freshpet’s chicken and beef recipes.
  • If your pet has food allergies: The ideal food will have limited ingredients that are recommended by your veterinarian, like Freshpet’s lamb or bison recipes.

Q: Do dogs dream?

A: Research studies
show that not only do dogs dream, but their sleep and dream patterns are very
similar to those of humans in that they replay moments from their day.
Scientists have also found that puppies and senior dogs dream more often than
their middle-aged counterparts – how cool is that?

Q: How often should I give my pet a bath?

A: Generally it is
recommended to bathe pets at least once every three months, however, that
drastically changes based on breed. Hairless breeds need weekly baths but on
the other hand, breeds that have long coats need to be bathed and groomed every
month, especially if there is no daily grooming at home.

Q: Is my pet overweight, or just

A: Recent studies have shown that about 60% of cats and dogs are overweight or obese, despite the fact that 40% of pet parents believe that their pets are an acceptable weight.

Dogs and cats come
in all shapes and sizes, so there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” approach when
determining obesity. Therefore, veterinarians utilize body condition scores to
account for differences in body shapes. It’s also worth mentioning that
usually, “fluffy” is not a term that would describe a healthy body weight.

Q: Why do both dogs and cats have

A: Whiskers, or
vibrissae, are a great way that dogs and cats receive tactile information from
their environment. These specialized hairs help dogs and cats to learn and
navigate their environment. They translate physical contact into neural
information allowing them to calculate their surroundings, which prevents them
from colliding into objects, sense changes in the air, and assist during
playtime or hunting activities.

Q: Why do cats sleep so much?

A: For the most part,
the reason why cats sleep so much is tied to their genes. Cats are hardwired to
be hunters who conserve their energy throughout the day to prepare for the few
hours dedicated to hunting. Although now pets, cats retained this convenient ancestral
behavior and have incorporated it into their life of luxury, no hunting needed.

It’s important to
note that cats can also sleep for long periods when they’re not feeling well.
Sickness and disease can cause cats to go into hiding mode and they instinctively
know that rest is a way to heal the body.

Finally, cats go
through cycles of light and deep sleep, which gives a new meaning to “sleeping
with one eye open”!

We hope that you
found the answers to questions you’ve always wondered about. Still have
questions about something that wasn’t on this list? Let us know in the comments
and we’ll see if we can cover them in our next Q&A round-up!


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