Better Sofa Fabric Choices for Your Sofa to :Last with Kids and Pets

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Many of my readers and clients struggle to find sources that would help them to make better sofa fabric choices that will last for kids and pets.

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Here is something to think about – it’s easier to make sound sofa fabric choices than being stressed about stains and spills all the time. We all want a sofa or a sectional that is comfortable and reasonably priced.  And we don’t want hot polyesters, scratchy nylons, uncleanable, pilling fabrics.

You’d say, “How do I know which one is good?”

Below I am giving the insights on choosing upholstery fabric that is durable while it still looks good. I hope this post will save you some legwork and drama.

Important:  Don’t forget to download a bonus guide below with the names of manufacturers and stores for a good quality sofa.

Factors that determine the durability of the upholstery fabric:

  1. Fabric weave – tight weave or loose weave
  2. Fabric content, percentage of synthetics and natural fibers
  3. Durability testing, aka double rubs testing

Fabric Weave

The tight weave is good construction. The loose weave is a bad construction. How do you know if it’s tight or loose? Test it, and test it again!

Tight weave fabric Lee Maui ocean

Get a fabric sample. Use fingernails to rub a fabric several times to see if the yarns shift or the fabric marks.

twill fabricTwill Fabric

For example, a twill weave resists wearing less than a plain weave. Check if the yarns have a balanced weave, meaning all yarns in the fabric are about the same size and strength. These fabrics will wear better than ones with heavy yarns in one direction and thin yarns in the other.

Loose weave linen fabricLoose weave linen fabric. Thin yarns in one direction and thicker yarns in the other direction.

Don’t buy the fabric where heavy yarns go in one direction and thin yarns in the other.

hand holding a bottle and some fabric samplesTesting for better sofa fabric choices by wetting

Wet the sample in one area, rub it, bend it, put a weight on it and observe what happens to it. For fabrics without visible yarns, like microfiber.  Can you remove a stain easily? Does the shape of the fabric change?

bending gold velvet fabricTesting mohair for better sofa fabric choices

Velvets and Mohair: If you want to test velvet or mohair, bend it on the diagonal. This will show if it’s tightly woven. Visible ‘rows’ indicate lesser quality.  Tighter weaves have less visible rows, indicating better quality.

Here are some better sofa fabric choices:

2. Fabric Content

  • Cotton velvet
  • Mohair
  • Sunbrella
  • Crypton
  • Acrylic
  • Microfiber
  • Ultrasuede & Sensuade
  • Sensuede
  • Distressed Leather (not fabric)

a dog sitting on a green sofaCotton velvet sofa by Calico Corners

Cotton velvet

Advantages: durable and beautiful, soft to touch. People swear by cotton velvet. Good quality cotton velvet will hold up well. Some people say they had it for 30 years and it wouldn’t die.

Drawbacks: can be expensive but if you need it for those 30 years, could be worth it.

living room with blue velvet sofaMohair Sofa. Source: Spatial Code. Design Natalia Sanches  Echevarria


Advantages: not to be confused with Angora wool, which comes from the Angora rabbit and is used in sweaters, mohair is noted for its luster and warmth. It is culled from the long, silken fleece of the Angora goat, it’s an extremely durable and long-lasting upholstery fabric. Mohair works beautifully as upholstery because it feels soft, plush and insulating in the winter while providing natural moisture-wicking in the summer.

Drawbacks: make sure that it’s not scratchy to touch. If you are wearing shorts it could be annoying. Ask for a sample before you buy it. There are many types of mohair, and some synthetic, commercial fabrics can be too warm for hot climates. Ask for a sample if possible.

sunbrella fabric in blue and gray colors Sunbrella Fabric


Advantages: Sunbrella is the trade name for a solution-dyed acrylic. In a traditional dyeing process, color is on the surface of the fiber, so they easily fade. Sunbrella fibers are saturated to the core with highly UV-stable pigments, making them resistant to fading.  Not only that. Sunbrella fabrics are made without any identified harmful substances that could be a danger to health, skin and the environment. They are Greenguard certified for reducing air pollution,

Not only that. Sunbrella fabrics are made without any identified harmful substances that could be a danger to health, skin and the environment. They are Greenguard certified for reducing air pollution, OKEO-TEX label for no harmful contact to the skin. In addition, they are mold and mildew resistant and bleach cleanable. The new Sunbrella Upholstery Collection has an enormous amount of fabric choices to life. This collection of over two hundred styles can match any taste. You can find lightweight and similar to wool, have luxuriously soft textures, intricate jacquards, linen-like fabric, and soft “dupioni” silk.

Drawbacks: Not many manufacturers have it yet. You might want to consider COM (Customer Own Material), and that’s usually more expensive. The cost of the sofa can increase by 20-35%.

woman and a dog on couch having funCrypton fabric sofa


Advantages: Crypton is not a fiber, but rather a treatment process. It was originally developed for healthcare design as an anti-bacterial fabric finish. Fabrics have unbelievable stain repellency and release. Stain, like lipstick, crayon, ketchup, mustard and wine are lifted with a simple soap and water solution and a toothbrush. The stain-resistant property is chemically fused with each individual fiber in Crypton, in much the same way as acrylic fibers can be solution-dyed at the fiber level. Though it’s a chemical process, the fabrics are Greenguard-certified and considered safe to use in nurseries and family spaces. Some of the newer versions function like vinyl and feel like velvet. They’re oftentimes no more expensive than acrylics and are offered in a variety of patterns and textures.

Drawbacks: There are fewer selections. Calico Corners sells them and some others. Crypton’s website is

microfiber sofa in a room with large windowsMicrofiber Sofa. Design: Christopher Hoover


Advantages: Microfiber has a good reputation for being easy to clean. It is durable, looks good and has a nice comfy hand to it. Maintenance is easy as well. Vacuum and use white or light-colored cleaning cloths – because you do not want to transfer color. Dampen the cloth and then put alcohol on the dampened cloth. Rub the area you want to be cleaned. My mother always told me to rub in a circular motion.

Drawbacks: It’s directional which means that every time you touch it there will be some sort of mark on the fibers.  Microfiber is nice for cleaning spills, but I do find it tends to fade depending on what color you get. You also have to consider if you like the feel of microfiber–some find it itchy and uncomfortable. Again, ask for a sample.

red leather sofa with a blue throw pillow and books on the sideDistressed Leather Sofa by Elite Leather

Distressed Leather

Advantages: Distressed leather is a good choice, easy to clean and durable. If your pet scratches, no problem. It will add more patina.  Always look for top grain leather, that’s leather treated before it is made into furniture. It is tougher, stands up to anything. Top grain leather uses an aniline dying process of soaking the hides in transparent aniline dyes which allow the color to absorb into the natural hide. Without all the synthetic topical coatings, it breathes naturally making it comfortable for seating. It is soft, supple, durable and pliable.

Drawbacks: A leather sofa could be 30-40% more expensive than fabric. Also, it has a colder feel in the winter. In rare cases, excessive sweat may leave a permanent mark. Certain medications can come through the skin and damage to the leather. Dust weekly with a damp microfiber cloth. Test on a hidden spot to be sure that your dye is not affected. If you use a natural process, the leather will stay supple and wear better overall.


Be careful when shopping for leather goods and make sure to ask if it is “Bonded” or real leather. There is a reason that some stores can sell a sofa and loveseat for $1,500. It is because it is “Bonded” and not real. The difference, bonded is basically leather fibers put on a backing. While it has the appearance of real leather, it is way cheaper for manufacturers to use as it comes in standard widths like 54″ so it is easier to cut and creates way less waste for the manufacturers and upholstery makers.  Another question to ask with real leather is if the entire sofa is all real leather. Some cheaper manufacturers will use a matching bonded or even a vinyl material to upholster the seat decks and sometimes backs, as there is a lot of material wasted on those two areas on a sofa.

dog and a black sofaUltrasuede sofa. Source: Dwell

Ultrasuede and Sensuede

Advantages: here’s one performance fabric that has become a sofa standby material. Neither woven nor knit, Ultrasuede is a textile made of intermeshed fibers. It achieves its uncanny resemblance to the real suede via a finishing process. It stays cool and comfortable no matter the climate. Sensuede is a branded Ultrasuede well known for its brilliant colors and stain resistance. What you might not know is that it also carries no risk of shrinkage, pilling, fading or cracking, and is resistant to mildew as well as stains.

Drawbacks: it’s a matter of style. If you are looking for a more textured look, it’s not that. Like microfiber, it can leave directional temporary marks. Ultrasuede is easy to clean with a damp cloth with a mild liquid soap. Blot it over and over till stain is gone. It will look like it has a water stain as it dries but once it is dry just brush over it with your hand. Test it someplace where you won’t see it first just to make sure. Some people put it in the washing machine and then air dry.

smiling lady on a sofaPolyester Sofa


Advantages: Fabrics of 100% polyester are budget-friendly alternatives that mimic silk’s sheen and feel, for example, and the fiber is frequently blended with cotton to offer added protection against wrinkling, fading, and abrasion.  Many people still proclaim a bias against polyester, but this synthetic has come a long way and deserves a second chance

Drawbacks: Can feel hot in warm climates. can feel scratchy or rough. Test it, try it before you buy.

denim slipcovered sofaSlipcovered Sofa by Lee Industries


A good slipcovered sofa can be a lifesaver when you have kids and pets. Lee Industries, for instance, offers a great selection of furniture with slipcovers that wash beautifully.

Fabrics to avoid:  silk, viscose, linen, cotton, nylon, bonded leather.

Important Note: VISCOSE- Please avoid at all costs as you cannot wet clean at all! It is basically ground up pulp fibers and about 40% weaker when it gets wet. Once wet, it folds over and will not stand back up creating what looks like a melted or shiny spot.

Cleaning Codes

Check the cleaning code on the fabric.

S- solvent cleaners

W- water-based cleaners

W/S for both, water-based and solvent cleaners

Durability Measure – DOUBLE RUBS

Look for at least 15,000 double rubs for decent durability. Even better 30,000 or more is ideal. Anything over 30,000 double rubs is not necessary. If they tell you 100,000 double rubs, it’s hardly possible.


The Wyzenbeek machine tests the fabric in both the warp direction (up and down) and the fill or weft direction (right to left). A sample of the fabric is cut into two pieces and each is pulled tight in a frame where it is held stationary. A piece of cotton duck fabric is used and is rubbed back and forth over the fabric, known as the “double rub. When wearing has become evident or two yarn breaks have occurred, the endpoint has been reached, and the fabric is rated.

Please post your questions here below. I’ll be happy to help you!


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