Brooks Broth takes bone broth for dogs to the next level

Brooks Broth takes bone broth for dogs to the next level

Looking for a top-notch chicken bone broth your dog will love? Look no further than this leading edge company, which not only makes amazing bone broth products, but also gives back by supporting therapy programs for young people.

Bone broth is all the rage these days, and no wonder! Just take a look at its nutritional benefits: bone broth is one of top recommended foods for supporting digestive health, and also supports joint mobility, skin, hair, nails and even sleep quality. Let’s zero in on Brooks Broth, an awesome product that takes bone broth to the next level, thanks to its founders, Brooks and Vicki Haden, and their friend Deb Lester.

How it all started

In the spring of 2019, Vicki was hit by a car while crossing the street, and required surgery and months of recovery. Knowing the nutritional benefits of bone broth, Deb brought Vicki some chicken bone broth to help with her healing journey.

Impressed by its healing benefits, Brooks was inspired to take bone broth a step further. As a creative chef, he began adding various spices to the broth, and using chicken bones from a local farm in Idaho called McIntyre Family Farms. Before long he had perfected his recipe and Brooks Broth was born. Their company, UpCountry Gourmet Products, LLC, started out with chicken bone and veggie broth for humans, but within a year they added a broth for animals and named it Deb’s Gourmet Pet Broth.

The company takes pride in using local, organic ingredients for its products. “Our broth contains 100% natural, locally-farmed ingredients, with no preservatives,” says Vicki, Director of Marketing. “The spices we add, from upcountry Maui (Hawaii), South Carolina and Chicago bring out the wonderful flavors, unlike anything on the market. The broth is simmered for 48 hours, which provides maximum benefits by extracting collagen and other nutrients. Each jar of Deb’s Gourmet Pet Broth contains almost 30 mg of calcium. These nutrients are delivered in most part from chicken bone backs and feet for bone development growth and shiny coats. Our broth has proved to reduce and, in most cases, eliminate skin allergies. We also include turmeric for reducing inflammation and help with injury healing, as well as dandelion root to aid in digestion and reducing gas.”

Giving back

Along with creating delicious, health-packed chicken bone and veggie broths for people, and their chicken bone broth recipe for animals, Brooks, Vicki and Deb also place a lot of priority on giving back.

“We are passionate about giving back to wilderness therapy programs in the US that specialize in outdoor therapy for teens and young adults who struggle with depression and suicide. Five percent of every dollar received from our sales goes to help fund a wilderness therapy program. We started supporting Open Sky Wilderness Therapy in Durango, Colorado because they saved the life of a teen who is part of the Brooks Broth family.”

If you’re looking for a quality, nutritious chicken bone broth for your dog (and yourself!) look no further than Brooks Broth and Deb’s Gourmet Pet Broth. You’ll start seeing the benefits in no time!

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