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February is a month-long celebration of love in all its forms…including “puppy love!”  While February 14th may be the most well-known day to let all of our two-and four-legged loved ones know how much we care, dog enthusiasts also mark February 3 on their calendar, as it’s Doggy Date Night!

In observance of the upcoming pet holiday, we’ve fetched a few date night ideas that you and your “soul mutt” might enjoy together!

For The Canine Couch Potato

Is there a more traditional way to spend date night than by watching a dog movie

For the canine who loves comedy, check out Clifford the Big Red Dog, Marmaduke or The Secret Life of Pets, or get out the Kleenex and have a good cry over Old Yeller, A Dog’s Purpose, The Art of Racing in The Rain or Hachi: A Dog’s Tale.

For the Four-Legged Foodie

dog friendly restaurant chainsdog friendly restaurant chains

Grab a wicker basket and a gingham blanket and head out to your local park (or even your own back yard) for a picnic with your pup! 

Break bread with your barking buddy on the patio of a dog-friendly restaurant!  Be sure to check out our list of nationwide chains that welcome doggie diners, and read over our 13 tips for taking your canine companion out to eat. 

Unleash your inner Bobby Flay or Rachael Ray by whipping up some tasty homemade dog treats for your tail-wagging chum!  From instructions for making dog chews, dog ice cream, peanut butter snacks and more to tips ranging from which baking supplies you will need and which foods to avoid, you’ll find all of the right ingredients to concoct a fun time in the kitchen in our dog treat recipes section! 

For the Pup Who Loves to Play

If your “goal” is to show your ice hockey-loving pal with paws a fun time on Doggy Date Night, see if you can score tickets to a dog-friendly minor league game!

Step outside and play fetch, Frisbee, hide and seek or another fun, Fido-centric game

All it takes is a little ingenuity, and a few minutes of your time, to create a homemade toy (like this interactive dog treat toy)  that your dog will enjoy just as much as any expensive, store bought plaything.

If Spot Likes to Shop

Why not spend the day perusing for purchases! 

Enjoy some shopping with your bestie at one of the many dog-friendly stores. Several national chains, including book stores, home decor stores, fashion stores, and pet supply stores allow well-mannered dogs on leashes.

Please keep in mind that store policies may vary at individual locations.  Call ahead of time and double check that your dog will be welcome! 

For the Barking Bibliophile

How about reading a dog-inspired book out loud to Rover? 

Curl up together on the couch and tell your dog the tale about One Hundred and One Dalmatians through the words of author Dodie Smith, or relay the story of a courageous Rough Collie told in Eric Knight’s novel Lassie Come Home

For the Pampered Pup

Coddle your canine companion by creating a Spot-inspired in-home spa experience! 

Give your pooch a pawdicure complete trimming their nails with decorating their digits with a nail polish made specifically for pups.  (NOTE: DO NOT use nail polish made for humans on your dog.)

Continue giving your dog the star treatment by brushing your canine companion’s coat until he or she is red carpet ready! 

End the spa session with a head and shoulder massage.

For the Creative Canine

Why not let your tail-wagging chum tap into his or her inner Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers by giving dog dancing a whirl! Look online for lessons, or simply make up your own moves as you cut a rug with Rover.

Serenade your pal with paws with some dog-themed ditties, such as Elvis Presley’s “Hound Dog” or The Beatles’ “Martha, My Dear.” 

Teach your talented tailwagger a trick!  Even a simple “shake hands,” “wave,” or “roll over” offers mental stimulation for your dog and a bonding moment between pet parent and pup.

For the Dog Who Loves to Explore in The Great Outdoors

Step outside together and gaze up at the stars.

Get out with your dog and jog, hike or simply enjoy a stroll together though your local park.

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