Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food was inspired by pet stories

Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food was inspired by pet stories

A lot of heart – and soul – goes into this natural, healthy pet food.

Chicken Soup for the Soul has become a household name over the years. Most of us are familiar with these popular books, and have found ourselves inspired and uplifted by their stories. But Chicken Soup for the Soul isn’t confined to books alone – it’s also a pet food!

Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food was founded in 2004,” says Jeanne Blandford, the company’s Senior Director of Marketing. “The story behind it is quite interesting because it begins with not one, but thousands of stories that our parent company, Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing, has received over the years. Every 18 months, we release a new dog and cat book, each containing 101 true stories about the unconditional love between a pet and their pet parent. Many speak to the physical health of the animal, and each story brought more clarity. We saw that CSS not only helps promote the human-animal bond, but that we could also help pets live longer, healthier lives by creating premium nutrition at a reasonable price.”

The family-owned and -operated company comprises a small team that works closely together to come up with premium, healthy pet foods made from high quality ingredients. “We offer Classic and Grain Free all-life stages lines,” says Jeanne. “Our most popular product for dogs is our Adult Chicken & Brown Rice dry food; and for cats, our Indoor Chicken & Brown Rice dry food.” All the recipes feature real meat as the first ingredient, with no corn, soy, wheat or meal by-products. Their main meals and treats are made in the US, so the team can closely follow all safety and quality measures.

“Since our launch, we have expanded our dog and cat offerings into other proteins like beef, salmon, tuna and lamb,” adds Jeanne. “Because smaller dogs have grown in popularity, we have broadened our dog offerings to include Adult and Mature Small Bites recipes with a smaller kibble.”

From the start, Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food’s mission has been to provide premium, healthy food made from high quality ingredients and at the best price possible. “Since many of our customers grew up with the Chicken Soup for the Soul brand, they experience a natural connection with the pet food line,” Jeanne says. “Once their animals have tried our dog or cat food, they become as loyal to the food as to the books. It’s a long-term, trusted relationship.”

It’s no surprise that giving back is a core value for the company. “One of the best parts of my job is working with rescue organizations nationwide through our Fill A Bowl…Feed A Soul®️ program,” Jeanne says. “Over the years, I have volunteered with my local shelter and understand the heart that goes into working with these homeless animals: feeding, providing shelter and attending to medical needs. Being able to provide our premium nutrition to these organizations makes our entire team feel fulfilled while spreading our brand mission of happiness, inspiration and hope.”


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