Cutest Puppy Pictures and Pet Photography Tips

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I showed a photo of a very cute little puppy to my niece… and I said: “what could be cuter?” She said: “Two Puppies!”.

I just knew this will be the post I’ll make on Monday. This is a collection of the most brilliant pet photography, in fact a niche of pet photography, just puppy pictures.

Almost all photos of puppies are cute but if you try to sell them, they lack the professional touch… what is this professional touch?

And how can you add it to your photos? Today I’m answering those questions. I’m sure you’ll love this post.

Focus the Whiskers: always focus on the whiskers to get the perfect cat/dog pet photo. It is also important to keep the Eyes sharp. But I believe that if you focus the whiskers, eyes are sharpened automatically.

Spot the Moment: you can’t just take a snap anytime, try to find the “cute moments” when your pet looks at its best. This can be when your little puppy is drinking her milk or when your kitten hides in your shoe.

Clear the Background: they can be distracting. In animal photography you don’t need eye-catching backgrounds, props maybe but not backgrounds.

Natural Light is Best: fluorescent lights make colors look odd, natural lighting works perfect. If you are indoor, try to get as much natural light in, as possible.

Reach Down: 90% of the good pet photographs you see are taken from the height level of the pet. This tip is also vital for taking baby photos.

Close-ups work the best!

” Cheez..! “

Cute puppies ever

Baby Malamutes

puppy Malamutes

Whispering Love

cuttest puppy love

Damn that sauna..!

Cute bull dog

Hanging Out

hanging puppies

Puppy Package

puppy package

Finding Myself

cute white puppy

Teacup Maltese

tiny Teacup Maltese

Where’s Your Tie?

cuddling two puppies

Ok, you got the photo, now take this thing off me!

puppy wearing cap

Fear Me… I’ll bite you..!!

cute little puppy

Golden doodle

cute golden doodle puppy

How is this possible?

cute white little puppy

And they said black won’t be cute

really cute black puppy

Sleeping like a dog

cute sleeping puppy

Puppy Belly

sleeping puppy belly

Encaged Cuteness

encaged puppies

How You Doin’

cute white puppy

Who’re U Talkin’ to?

3 cute bul dog puppies


puppy in air

Working Mom

working mom carrying puppies

I Told You I Can Fly

eye catchy photography of animals

Puppies are cute, so are cats! click here if you check out some really cute cats.

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