Disney Dog Names

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Are you a new pet parent who is a devotee of both dogs and Disney? Why not turn to The House of Mouse to find a name for the new fur baby in your home? From the first Fido to appear in a Disney cartoon to iconic silver screen canines and dogs from The Disney Channel, with a little Disney magic you will find the perfect name from our list of Disney dog names!

Disney dog names -- famous Disney dogsDisney dog names -- famous Disney dogs

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A mixed breed rescue dog named Higgins– starred in the original 1974 movie Benji and also portrayed the pup in the sitcom Petticoat Junction, which aired from 1963 to 1970!

Bluey animated series about blue heelerBluey animated series about blue heeler


In 2019 Disney acquired the international broadcasting rights to the popular Australian animated series Bluey, about the adventures of a Blue Heeler and her family, which includes her Red Heeler sister Bingo, her father Bandit and mother Chilli


The Yorkshire Terrier who starred as Sharpay’s canine sidekick in the Disney TV movie High School Musical 2 was actually the fur baby of the show’s director and choreographer, Kenny Ortega.



John Travolta provided the voice of a canine pseudo-superhero who truly saves the day when he fears that his favorite human is in trouble.   


The Bloodhound who became a footman so Cinderella could go to the ball in the classic 1950 Disney film.   


Buster the Dachshund was Andy’s playmate with paws in Disney Pixar’s Toy Story


Lillybrad’s Sammy’s Shadow (or simply Sam) was the Old English Sheepdog who starred in the title role of The Shaggy Dog.

Fun fact: Did you know that Disney fans can see the late canine actor’s paw prints on display in the courtyard of the Burbank Animal Shelter alongside fellow famous tail-wagging thespians Benji and Lassie?


The pampered Chihuahua (with the voice of Drew Barrymore) who was rescued from dognappers by a Chihuahua who steals her heart in Beverly Hills Chihuahua.


The stout-hearted Old English Sheepdog who helps to save puppies from the clutches of Cruella deVil in One Hundred and One Dalmatians


This animated hunting dog became pals with his prey in Disney’s The Fox and The Hound.


The dastardly Doberman from the Disney animated movie Oliver and Company.

Doctor Doppler

In the lesser-known Disney flick Treasure Planet, actor David Hyde Pierce provided the voice of Dr. Delbert Doppler, a hybrid of a human and a dog.


Dog lovers who also love the works of Charles Dickens might want to consider the name of the Jack Russell Terrier in Oliver & Company, whose moniker was inspired by the Artful Dodger from Oliver Twist.  


A Brussels Griffon dubbed Paisley portrayed the furry friend of Cruella De Vil’s son Carlos in the trilogy of Descendents  TV movies.  


The Golden Retriever whose collar lets him converse in the uplifting Disney Pixar flick Up.


A Yorkshire terrier-turned footstool in the live-action remake of Beauty and The Beast. 


Did you know that Jimmy Macdonald, the voice over artist  who helped to bring the iconic canine to life, also spoke for such Disney characters as Mickey Mouse and Chip of Chip and Dale?

Turner and HoochTurner and Hooch


A bevy of Dogues de Bordeaux have stepped into the role of a canine crime fighter in Turner & Hooch, a Disney+ TV series inspired by the 1989 movie of the same name. Arnie, Cyd, Hammer, Mya and Odie collectively star as actor Josh peck’s slobbering sidekick.

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The Scottish Terrier with a heart of a hero in Lady and the Tramp.

Lady and the TrampLady and the Tramp


The uptown Cocker Spaniel who falls for a stray in Lady and The Tramp. Pet parents who name their dog after the character might want to give their new canine companion the nickname “Pidge” (short for Pidgeon), just as The Tramp did in the 1955 Disney classic. One of the most popular Disney dog names for girl dogs.


An Old English Sheepdog, Max is the faithful pal of Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid.


The Darling children’s canine caretaker in Peter Pan, Nana (which means “grace” in Hebrew, “Lady” in Swahili and “spring” in Japanese) is a Saint Bernard in the Disney film, just like the Saint Bernard named Porthos who was J.M.Barrie’s pal with paws at the time he penned the tale about the boy who refused to grow up, 


The spotless Spot in One Hundred and One Dalmatians.

Old YellerOld Yeller

Old Yeller

Tugging at the heartstrings of generations of dog lovers, a Black Mouth Cur named Spike portrayed the faithful four-legged friend of the Coates family in the 1957 Disney depiction of author Fred Gipson’s tale. 

Bibliophiles can learn more about the Newberry Award-winning author who brought Old Yeller to life by visiting in his home town of Mason, Texas, where a statue of Travis and his tail-wagging chum stands outside of the Mason County M. Beven Eckert Memorial Library.


Making the leap from shelter to stardom, a pup named Ruscoe portrayed a Rover with a romantic heart in the box office hit Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

Named for a distinctive dark spot of fur encircling one eye, Patch was one of Pongo and Perdita’s pack of puppies in One Hundred and One Dalmatians.Named for a distinctive dark spot of fur encircling one eye, Patch was one of Pongo and Perdita’s pack of puppies in One Hundred and One Dalmatians.


Named for a distinctive dark spot of fur encircling one eye, Patch was one of Pongo and Perdita’s pack of puppies in One Hundred and One Dalmatians.


Crooner Peggy Lee provided the voice of the Pekingese who wound up in a pound in the Disney classic Lady and the Tramp.


The animated Pug in Pocahontas was named after colonist George Percy.  


The beloved four-legged family member of the Darling household and mother of 15 puppies in One Hundred and One Dalmatians.


Cricket’s canine companion in the Disney Channel animated series Big City Greens.


Did you know that this iconic cartoon canine was originally to be called Rover?

101 Dalmations101 Dalmations


The patriarch of a four-legged family that included a passel of 15 puppies in 101 Dalmatians


If you are looking for a science-themed name for Spot, how about the name of the family dog in the Disney hit Honey, I Shrunk the Kids?  In Honey I Shrunk The Kids:The TV Show Quark was portrayed by a Border Terrier named Rusty.


A name meaning “pearl,” Rita was a Saluki in the Charles Dickens-themed Disney film Oliver & Company.

Savage Sam Disney movieSavage Sam Disney movie

Savage Sam

Carrying on the legacy of his Pop Old Yeller, a Bluetick Coonhound pup starred in Savage Sam, the 1962 Disney adaptation of Fred Gipson’s novel.


Sid’s sneaky sidekick who helped his human boy destroy playthings in the Disney Pixar flick Toy Story.


The expandable Dachshund from the Toy Story franchise. Here’s a fun fact: fans of the movie  can ride the Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!  


A classic canine moniker, Spot was the name that British author Eric Hill gave to his creation, a small yellow dog who appears in 47 children’s books. The dog leapt from the page to the small screen in Disney’s short film series The Adventures of Spot.


A Fido-turned-footstool in the animated version of Beauty and the Beast.Stan– A star of the Disney Channel series Dog with a Blog, the Golden Retriever/Husky/Australian Shepherd who was rescued from the South Los Angeles animal shelter often acted as a champion of the underdog, and even filmed a PSA for the Shelter Pet Project to promote pet adoption. 


A Basset Hound who called 221B Baker Street home, Toby was a mystery-solving dog in the 1986 Disney flick The Great Mouse Detective.


Many dog devotees know of the true tale of Balto, who heroically delivered diphtheria serum to the people of Nome, Alaska back in 1925, but the tale of Togo, another brave sled dog who endured hardships on the same journey, was finally told told in this 2019 Disney flick.  


One of the pound dogs who befriends Lady in the 1955 Disney version of Lady and The Tramp.


The four-pawed protagonist of Lady and the Tramp is thought to be a Schnauzer mix in the 1955 animated feature. The 2019 Disney’s TV version of the beloved tale included a two-year-old rescue named Monte in the role of the lovable canine rascal. 


Even though he was a Bloodhound who had lost his olfactory abilities, Trusty– who once helped to track down criminals– was still able to help his friends in Lady and The Tramp.


Ravi’s Asian Water Monitor Lizard named Mrs. Kipling wasn’t the only four-legged star on the hit Disney series Jessie. Named after a Greek god, the pampered Chihuahua mix Zeus was the canine companion of Mrs. Chesterfield.


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