Dogster’s 2021 Top Dog Halloween Costumes and Accessories List

Allow your dog to join in on the fun of Halloween with some howling good and attention-getting 2021 top dog Halloween costumes and accessories. He’ll love the attention and being part of the gang. Of course, if your dog get spooked this time of year, keep the accessories to a minimum. Check out Dogster’s spooktacular of top dog Halloween costumes and accessories below.

Lucy & Co.

The Halloweenie Bandana is just one of Lucy & Co.’s limited-edition Halloween bandanas that come with glow in the dark thread on the edging.

Your dog will be too cute for ghouls with Lucy & Co. limited edition Halloween bandanas that come with glow in the dark thread on the edging. Try the Boo BandanaThe Edgar Bandana, the Ghoul Bandana  or the Halloweenie Bandana (my favorite!). They come in sizes small or large. $20.

We all know that has an amazing variety of Halloween Dog Costumes and this year is no exception. However, that’s not all. This year Chewy raised the spooktacular bar by launching its Fur-tual Boutique, the first-ever augmented reality experience where dogs and cats can virtually dress up in Halloween costumes. Chewy tells Dogster that “This platform brings full-body try-on capabilities to the pet community through innovative AR technology – something that has never been done to date.” All you have to do is enter the Fur-tual Boutique is visit via your smart phone. (Click here for instructions.) Next, choose from seven popular Chewy-exclusive Frisco costumes including the Killer Doll ($14.39), Werewolf ($16.99), Granny ($12.79), Country Singer ($12.79), Cowboy ($17.99), Teddy Bear ($16.99) and Superhero ($11.19). (Most available in sizes XS-XXL.)Adjust to get the perfect fit and presto! You will receive an adorable image of your pup wearing his costume to share on social and then you can buy it on Costumes available in XS-XXL. All those who share their custom photos on social media tagging @Chewy with the hashtag #HairyNotSoScary will be entered to win frightfully fun prizes that will arrive in time for celebrating Halloween.


The Frankenpup Halloween Dog Costume is just one of many costumes available at BaxterBoo.

This is a great online store with just too many pet costumes to include. So let’s focus on the classic Halloween costumes for dogs. Frankenpup Halloween Dog Costume is always one of my all-time faves and it really looks great on the smoosh-face dogs like Pugs, Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs. Comes in sizes XS to Large. (Starts at $16.97) There are several ghost costumes, but I give paws up to Rubies Big Dog Glow in the Dark Skeleton Dog Costume as it’s for the bigger dogs, which don’t always get a lot of costume choice. Comes in XXL and XXXL. (Starts at $27.97). Another traditional favorite is the bat costume. Your dog can wing his way into Halloween fun with this relatively easy to wear set of wings. The Zack and Zoey Bat Glow Wing Dog Harness Costume comes in sizes S-XL. (Starts at $25.97). The company includes a sizing guide with instructions on how to measure your dog so you get the right size.

Drippy Pets LA

Do you think he’ll ask me if I want “some fries with that?” Love this Ronald McDonald Halloween Dog Costume from DrippyPetsLA.

This online store out of Los Angeles has some pretty unique Halloween dog costumes. I really love the Ronald McDonald Halloween Costume in sizes S-XL ($68). Another unique and cute small dog costume is the Boxing Halloween Costume, available in M-XL ($68). And a third fun and easy-to-wear costume is the Cute Cow Halloween Dog Costume, available in sizes XS-XL. Just a reminder these are small dog costumes, so the XL is for a dog around 24 pounds and under.

The Foggy Doggy

Foggy Doggy’s Going Batty Bandana reverses to an orange star pattern.

If you and your dog like your Halloween accessories a little more tasteful than booful, you will love the bandanas and bowties from The Foggy Doggy. First up is the Pumpkin Patch Dog Bandana, which reverses to a charcoal gingham. Or, go a little more batty with the Going Batty Dog Bandana, also reversible to an orange star pattern. Both come in sizes S-L. ($26). For those that prefer a fall theme to a spooky one, choose between the Pumpkin Spice Flannel Dog Bandana (same sizes and price as other bandanas) or the orange Satsuma Dog Bow Tie, which comes in Small or Large at $19.


I have a retro camper that my dogs and I travel around in, so no wonder I love this Retro Camper Dog Halloween Costume available at

For those of us who love to shop at Target, there is a whole section online of dog costumes, way more than you’ll find in the brick and mortar store. Some unique faves of mine are the Retro Camper Dog and Cat Costume (Sizes XS-XXL for $13), the Candy Corn Dog and Cat Sweater for those dogs that prefer something a little more simple (XS-XXL at $13) and the Lobster Frontal Dog and Cat Costume (XS-XL at $10).

Star Trek Shop

Yes, you got me, I did actually by the Original Spock costume for one of my dogs this year. Get it at the Star Trek Shop.

If you are a sci-fi fan like me, then beam your doggie up in a Star Trek: Original Series Spock Dog Costume. Available in size M for $28.95. They’ve also got some hilarious Trekkie Halloween sweatshirts for humans.

This costume makes your dog look cheesy, but in a good way. The Pizza Slice Dog Costume is available at

Yes, even the AKC has costumes for sale in its online store, and I really like its Halloween dog accessories. First place goes to the Ghostbuster Dog Bow Tie for those dogs who are not big on costumes, but still love the attention a dapper bow tie will bring. Available in S-L for $7. Another easy-to-wear accessory is the Witch Hat, suitable for all dogs for $10.12. But if you want to talk costumes and are a bit of foodie just like your dog, the Taco ($15.76, suitable for all dogs), Pizza Slice ($19.42, suitable for all dogs) or Hot Dog Costumes ($18.89, suitable for all dogs) might be the most pawlicious pick for you both.

I hope you found something fun for you and your dog in Dogster’s 2021 Dog Halloween Costume List. If you found one you think is pumpkin perfect and should be on the list, email us at and we will include it.


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