Farm Hounds Natural Chews and Treats Review 2024: An Expert Breakdown

Our Final Verdict

We give Farm Hounds Natural Chews and Treats an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5
Variety: 5/5
Ingredients: 5/5
Value: 5/5

If there’s one thing dogs love having and humans love giving, it’s treats. But there are a lot of treats on the market, and deciding which ones to put in your dog’s cookie jar can be a big deal, especially if your pup is a picky eater. Not all treats are healthy either. Ingredients matter when it comes to your best bud so choosing a brand that’s healthy and drool-worthy is important.

That’s where Farm Hounds comes in. Farm Hounds is a dog company dedicated to making high-quality dog treats and chews. They’re a small business in Georgia that partners with family farms across the United States to source raw animal ingredients for their single-ingredient snacks. All of their treats are dehydrated and made from single protein sources, like beef, duck, and chicken, and they never use chemicals, fillers, or artificial ingredients.

Whether you choose a bag of Beef Jerky or a Bison Ear, you really can’t go wrong. My dog, Micah, tried out a few of their turkey products and loved them all.

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At a Glance: What We Received

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About Farm Hounds

Farm Hounds products

Farm Hounds products

What is Farm Hounds?

Farm Hounds is a small business with a big heart for dogs. The company started in 2004 as a dog boarding and daycare facility where they offered a curated selection of dog food and treats. After taking a special interest in canine cuisine, they evolved into a chain of five dog retail stores called The Whole Dog Market, which they still own and operate today.

As their vision grew, so did their outreach, and in 2015, they partnered with White Oak Pastures to develop all-natural dog treats and chews. The products were a big hit among customers. Dogs loved the treats and dog owners loved buying them. It quickly became clear that 100% farm-fresh treats filled a much-needed gap in the dog food market, and before long, Farm Hounds was born.

Since their founding in 2015, Farm Hounds has partnered with several family farms across the United States and has made it their mission to make quality products that dogs will enjoy.

Who are Farm Hounds’ Products Best Suited For?

From hardcore chewers to selective eaters, Farm Hounds’ products are made for every dog and any occasion. When you browse their online store, you’ll find a vast selection of traditional snacks, like jerky strips and training treats, exotic chews, like beef ears and hog hides, and food toppers, like elk antler shavings and blood sprinkles. Since Farm Hounds makes their products with all-natural single protein sources that only use one ingredient, they’re also perfect for dogs with food allergies and sensitivities.

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Farm Hounds Dog Treats

Farm Hounds Dog Treats

Nothing says “I love you” like high-value jerky or a quality chew, and with Farm Hounds, that’s exactly what you get. Farm Hounds only sells natural products sourced directly from family farms. They never add harmful ingredients and make everything with pure raw animal protein. With their diverse selection of dehydrated treats and chews, you’ll find something special for your furry friend no matter how food-motivated they are or what their favorite treat is.

Bags, Chews, Hides, and Toppers

Farm Hounds offers four types of dog products: bags, chews, hides, and toppers. Their bagged selection includes gizzards, jerky, organs, and trainers and has everything from Beef Lung and Chicken Strips to Pork Jerky and Duck Trainers. The treats are dehydrated and come in thin strips and bite-sized pieces.

Next up is Chews. This is where you’ll find a wide variety of hairy and non-hairy animal parts, like hog ears, turkey heads, chicken necks, and duck wings. These chews are not only highly nutritious but are powerful tooth and gum cleaners.

The Hides come in two forms, Rolls and Chips. The Rolls are the tougher of the two options and are great for aggressive chewers. They’re long-lasting, 100% natural, and provide mental and physical stimulation. The Chips are a little less durable than the Rolls but require more mental stimulation due to their irregular shape.

The last category is Toppers. These are a picky eater’s paradise and include Elk Antler Sprinkles, Leftovers Sprinkles, and Blood Sprinkles. The Toppers are made with the same digestible, dehydrated proteins found in the other products but are broken down into crumb-like pieces that can be sprinkled onto any meal for added nutrition and excitement.


Less is more when it comes to Farm Hounds. Many brands add artificial ingredients to their treats, but with Farm Hounds, you only get the good stuff. They keep everything your dog needs and leave out everything they don’t. All of their products are 100% natural and made from single-source proteins that are packed with vitamins and minerals. They don’t add chemicals or fillers either. What you buy is what you get.

If you buy Chicken Strips, you’ll receive a bag of strips that are 100% dehydrated chicken. If you buy a Hog Hide Roll, you’ll receive a roll that’s 100% dehydrated hog hide. And if you buy a Beef Trachea, you’ll receive a chew that’s 100% dehydrated beef trachea. Not only that, but every product is labeled with the farm where the meat was sourced, and every farm is family-owned and dedicated to the humane treatment of animals.

Farm Partners

If there’s one thing that stands out about Farm Hounds, it’s their commitment to transparency. Over the past decade, Farm Hounds has partnered with 16 family farms across the country to provide you and your pup with the best products possible. Everything they produce connects back to the farm they worked with to make the product. Say a bag of Duck Strips has a Maple Leaf Farms label on the front. This means the duck was 100% sourced from Maple Leaf Farms.

By partnering with small farms, Farm Hounds can ensure the quality, safety, and nutritional value of their products while letting you know what you’re getting and where you’re getting it. With the motto “Know the farm. Trust the Product.”, this is as close to farm-to-table dog treats as you’ll get.

Regenerative Agriculture

All of Farm Hounds’ Partners practice regenerative agriculture. Regenerative agriculture is an ancient farming method that has made a comeback in recent decades. It combines several grazing and farming practices to reduce waste and improve the biodiversity in the soil. The results are amazing and the benefits are widespread, ranging in everything from better water quality to healthier crops. So when you buy a bag of dog treats, you’re not just supporting a small business and family farms, you’re also saving the planet.

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Reviews of the Products We Received

1. Turkey Jerky

Farm Hounds Dog Treats

Farm Hounds Dog Treats

The Turkey Jerky is one of Farm Hounds’ more traditional treats and is a great option for dogs of all ages. Being a single-ingredient product, every bag contains 100% pasture-raised turkey made solely from premium muscle meat. Since the turkey is dehydrated, it retains all the nutrients your pup needs to stay healthy without the need for synthetic ingredients. This means nothing is added to the turkey (no fillers, additives, or preservatives) and the meat is transparently sourced from family farms that don’t use hormones or antibiotics.

The jerky comes in a 3.5oz bag for $16.99 and a 6oz bag for $26.99. If you prefer a bag of bite-sized pieces, Farm Hounds also offers a 3.5oz bag of Little Pieces for $16.99. I got the 3.5oz bag of regular jerky strips and they’ve been perfect everyday treats. The large strips are easy to break into smaller pieces and the crispy texture gives Micah a nice crunch.

  • 100% turkey
  • Clean ingredients
  • Premium meat
  • Great for sensitive stomachs
  • Can get expensive

2. Turkey Gizzards

Farm Hounds Dog Treats

Farm Hounds Dog Treats

The Turkey Gizzards are single-ingredient, single-source protein treats made from pasture-raised turkey. Like the jerky, the gizzards are perfect for any dog. They’re a versatile snack that can be used as general rewards, training treats, or mealtime toppers, and they’re packed full of vitamins and minerals, like vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin E, and iron. Unlike traditional processing, which strips food of its nutrients, Farm Hounds dehydrates their treats, so the gizzards maintain their nutritional benefits. They don’t have additives, preservatives, or additional ingredients either, so you can feel good about treating your pup and your pup can feel good after eating the treat.

The Turkey Gizzards come in a Standard bag of gizzard sticks and a Little Pieces bag of bite-sized morsels. Both bags are 4oz and cost $14.99. I ordered the bag of gizzard sticks since I like breaking the sticks as needed, but the pieces are nice to have as ready-made training treats and toppers.

  • Multiple sizes offered
  • Easy to break
  • Single-source protein
  • Farms practice regenerative agriculture
  • Availability isn’t guaranteed 

3. Leftovers Sprinkles (Turkey Liver)

Farm Hounds Dog Treats

Farm Hounds Dog Treats

The Leftovers Sprinkles are exactly what they sound like. They’re made from leftover proteins that didn’t make it into the bagged products. The inspiration behind these was to use every last crumb of the bagged products so that nothing was wasted, and they serve their purpose well, especially for selective eaters and dogs that love a gourmet meal.

As a high-value food topper, the sprinkles are a great source of vitamins and minerals and are offered in several different proteins (pork, beef, chicken, duck, and turkey) and types (liver, jerky, heart, strips, gizzards, etc.). Each topper is identical to the bag that it came from. If you chose beef from the protein category and heart from the type category, the sprinkles will be leftovers from a bag of dehydrated Beef Heart treats.

The Sprinkles are $13.99 and come in a 4 to 5-oz bottle. They’re easy to use and work like a seasoning bottle, where you twist the top and (generously) sprinkle the crumbs onto your dog’s food.

  • Multiple flavors available
  • Great source of vitamins and minerals
  • Zero waste
  • Easy to pour
  • Only offered in one size

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Bonus Products

Farm Hounds Dog Treats Bonus Products

Farm Hounds Dog Treats Bonus Products

Along with the turkey products, Farm Hounds also included a sample bag of Beef Spleen and Duck Trainers. Micah has a sensitive stomach, so he wasn’t able to try these treats, but they would be great options for dogs that don’t have sensitivities.

Beef Spleen

Beef spleen is one of the highest-value treats you can buy. It’s considered a superfood because of its high nutritional content, and Farm Hounds makes it from pasture-raised, grass-fed cattle, which means it’s one of the best. The organ meat is dehydrated into snap-able pieces and it comes in a 4oz bag for $17.49. Dogs know a nutrient-packed, high-value treat when they see one, so don’t be surprised if your pup goes crazy for these.

Duck Trainers

The Duck Trainers are bite-sized pieces of Farm Hounds’ Duck Strips. They’re made from a blend of humanely raised duck muscle meat, organs, fat, bone, and blood, which are essential for a well-rounded carnivore diet. The small pieces are great for any dog and perfect to use as training treats. The Duck Trainers come in a 4.5oz bag and cost $14.99.

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Our Experience with Farm Hounds Products

Farm Hounds Dog Treats

Farm Hounds Dog Treats

Micah has a very sensitive stomach and turkey is one of the only proteins that agrees with him. He’s a single-ingredient kind of pup when it comes to treats, so when I heard about Farm Hounds, I jumped at the opportunity to try them out. The first thing I did was browse their online treat selection. Even though there were so many treats and chews to choose from, I played it safe and decided on a few of their turkey products since I knew Micah would tolerate them.

When the package arrived, Micah knew it was for him. His nose was all over the box and his whole body was wiggling with excitement. The first product Micah tried was the Turkey Jerky. The jerky comes in different shapes and sizes and the meat is thin enough for you to easily break into smaller pieces. I broke off a few pieces for Micah to try and he loved them. The jerky is crispier than I was expecting. I thought it would have a softer texture but the pieces are hard and have an audible crunch when you break them or your dog chews them. Micah loves a good crunch, so these were perfect for us, but if you’re looking for a soft, chewy treat, this isn’t it.

The next product Micah tried was the Turkey Gizzards. Micah has never had turkey gizzards, so I was curious to see if he would like them and (more importantly) if his stomach would tolerate them. I’m happy to report the Turkey Gizzards passed with flying colors. Micah goes absolutely nuts for them and he can eat them without any digestive upset. Definitely a win-win! The gizzards are a bit harder to break than the jerky because they’re thicker, but they can still be snapped into smaller pieces to use training treats or toppers.

If you want to get your pup excited about their food, the toppers are perfect. I received the Turkey Liver Leftovers Sprinkles and they were a big hit with Micah. Micah is naturally food-motivated and doesn’t need an incentive to eat his meal. But I like making his dinner extra special whenever I can and the Sprinkles were perfect for this. They look like crumbs and come in an easy-to-pour container. A few shakes of the bottle were all that was needed to add a little extra flavor to his food.

Given Micah’s limited diet, I like having a variety of treats for him. I’m always on the lookout for natural treats and chews, and we just found three new ones from Farm Hounds. I’ll definitely be buying more of these when we run out and I would highly recommend them to any dog owner looking for quality treats to spoil their pup.

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Micah and I both get excited when we find new treats that he loves and tolerates, and I feel like I hit the jackpot with Farm Hounds. All Farm Hounds’ treats and chews are 100% natural and made with raw animal ingredients. They’re high-value, high-quality, and packed with nutrients and minerals that support your dog’s overall well-being. You can find out exactly where the protein comes from too thanks to the transparent sourcing.

If you’re looking for a way to spoil your pup, you can’t go wrong with Farm Hounds. From the farm to your front door, Farm Hounds provides safe, nutritious treats and chews that you and your dog will love.


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