Find Freshpet Dog Food at Walmart and Other Retailers

Over the years, Freshpet has expanded to be stocked in several retailers across the country. Now pet parents can find Freshpet dog food in Walmart, Target, and a variety of pet stores both big and small. Accessibility within the pet food space is incredibly important for pet parents. After all, it provides them with more options to feed their furry friends, while making finding their preferred products a much less stressful process. Here, we explore a few of the establishments pet parents can find our recipes as well as our goal of increasing access to our offerings for the health and wellness of pets across the country.

Where Can Pet Parents Find Freshpet Products?

These days, pet parents can find Freshpet products in a number of local retailers. This includes natural food stores, grocery stores, specialty pet stores, and big box retailers. Freshpet dog food is available in Walmart, Target, Petco, PetSmart, BJs, as well as a variety of grocery stores that sell pet products. Freshpet can also be found in smaller, local pet stores that have a section for refrigerated dog food. Accessibility is important to us, and we are consistently adding locations to ensure that pet parents interested in our products can find them without needing to journey far and wide. Not everyone lives close to the larger retailers that typically have the most options.

In addition to brick and mortar establishments, Freshpet can be found in a variety of online retailers as well. A few of these include Amazon Fresh, Instacart, Prime Now, and more. This is a great option for pet parents who like to purchase their dog food on a schedule so that they never run out, as many of these retailers provide the ability to deliver Freshpet to your home at intervals of your choosing. We also recognize that keeping Freshpet in stock on online retailers is important for pet parents who may have less time to shop in stores or have limited mobility.

Why is Expanding Access to Freshpet Products Important?

Stocking Freshpet products in more brick and mortar locations and online platforms is crucial to our mission of improving access to the best products available for our pets. We realize that, while many of us do venture out to the pet store for our preferred brands, stocking our products in a wider range of big box stores and retailers gives pet parents more flexibility. In our fast paced, busy lives, it can be difficult to find the time to travel to many stores while running errands. The more stores we expand into, the more convenient it is for our customers to find our products.

Having Trouble Finding a Retailer Near You That Stocks Freshpet?

Freshpet is dedicated to making it easier for pet parents to find our products, as we understand that visiting multiple stores to find what is in stock can amount to added stress for our customers. With that in mind, we have included ways to make locating stores that stock our products simpler. Our store locator is a great way to see which stores near you are stocking Freshpet.

freshpet dog food walmart
Our store locator platform is easy to use and can quickly tell you which stores nearby are stocking our products

Using the store locator is simple. All you need to do is enter your city or zip code and the locator will show you stores within a few miles that stock our products. The locator can also show you which recipes are being stocked by each retailer as well, which can make shopping much easier if you are looking for a specific product. You can also use the store locator to see which stores have Freshpet available online for home delivery!

Unfortunately, it is possible that not everyone will be able to find a store near them that stocks Freshpet products. If this is the case, you can scroll down to “Use of Request Form to add your store”, click “Request Form” and send a request for us to stock locations nearby for your convenience.

Our Commitment to Making Freshpet Available to Pet Parents Across the Country

Our efforts to improve access to our brand is part of our mission to give pet parents everywhere access to high-quality products that truly address the various needs of their furry friends. Through bringing our products to more brick and mortar and online retailers and expanding our pet food facilities to include locations in Texas and Pennsylvania, we are making strides to improve access to Freshpet recipes across the country.


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