Five Pet Photography Tips for Pet Owners

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Discover essential pet photography tips, especially if you have a new puppy, kitten, or are a new pet owner!

If you’ve recently brought home a new puppy or kitten, chances are you can’t wait to take some photos! Naturally, your dog or cat may make an amazing model. While your pet may like to pose or smile, sometimes it may be hard to capture the perfect shot. Read on to learn more with these pet photography tips to help commemorate your furry friend.

Pet photography tips for your new puppy or kitten

pet photography tips may come in handy when your taking your puppy or kitten's photo for the first time.

1.Incorporate toys into your photoshoot

A great way to bring your photo to life is to try to incorporate a bit of play! Consider giving your pet a variety of toys during the photo shoot. It can help bring some spunk and personality to see your photos and you never know what action shot you may get!

2.Pick quality lighting

Whether you want to shoot outdoors in your own backyard, a local park, or the comforts of your own home, the lighting is an important factor in capturing a beautiful image. If you have the chance, consider shooting outdoors early in the morning like sunrise or late in the day around sunset. This is known as “golden hour” and can really help add an extra boost to your pet’s photo.

3.Capture a favorite activity

If your new puppy loves napping in their doghouse or your new kitten likes exploring in a DIY scavenger hunt, consider letting them take the lead. Try capturing these moments, by shooting a lot of photos in one session and then pick your favorites. Also, what’s special about this photo series is you may capture a puppy or kitten “first.” There’s nothing like looking back on those first baby pet moments.

4.Reward with treats

Just like play and interaction is a helpful pet photography tip, so are providing snacks for your best friend. In fact, it may give your furry friend a little burst of energy if you’re shooting a series of photographs. Also, if you’re taking photos on your cell phone, consider placing the treat above the lens. This may help your pet to focus and look directly at the camera (probably with a smile on their face!)

5.Take your time

Pets are unpredictable. In fact, it may take time for your pet to pose, focus, or even smile! Consider scheduling your photo-shoot around your family schedule. In fact, you may need extra hands to help interact with your furry friends. Also, you may have to film on different days, depending on your pet’s attention span. Regardless, you’ll probably have quite a few photos that you can repurpose, like making your own DIY pet pop art. For some inspiration, check out Dog Breathe photography.

Pet photography tips - Consider taking breaks and providing snacks when taking pictures with your pets.

Pet photography tips may help you capture those memorable family moments

There is nothing quite like your pet’s smile, so imagine capturing your best friend’s furry face in your very own unique family photo session. After all, you know your pet the best. But by taking your time, embracing play and toys, rewarding with treats, and using quality light you may find you have too many great photos to choose for your next pet gallery wall!

What are some of your favorite pet photography tips?

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