Freshpet Reviews From Pet Parents: See Why You Should Make The Switch to Freshpet

Freshpet, our ideology behind how to feed our four-legged family members is a
bit different from other pet food brands. We believe that dogs and cats deserve
food that helps them live their best lives, which means crafting recipes from
fresh, whole ingredients that are gently cooked without preservatives, and kept
in the fridge where meats belong.

you decide to make the switch to food made from quality ingredients, don’t be
surprised if you notice some drastic changes in your pet’s overall health and
happiness. But don’t take our word for it – check out these Freshpet reviews
from pet parents!

Satisfy even the pickiest eater

of the most common things we hear from pet parents is that Freshpet has totally
changed their pet’s relationship with food. If you have a picky eater, you know
that every meal time can be a struggle. But when offered Freshpet, most pets
don’t need to be asked twice to eat – they lick their bowl clean every meal!

  • “I adopted my golden retriever from our shelter last week. I have tried 5 different high quality dog kibble brands, but she wouldn’t touch it. Finally I tried the Freshpet Multi-Protein Complete Meal and she LOVES it! I can rest easy knowing that my sweet dog is getting the nutrients she needs. Thank you so much!” -Smith
  • “I bought this food about a week ago wanting to get my dogs to eat better and enjoy their food instead of snubbing their noses and walking away refusing to eat. They don’t refuse to eat at all now. I’m so pleased!” -Dawn
  • “We have a two year old Bernedoodle who is the fussiest eater ever. We have tried so many things and i was beginning to think we would never find the right food for him but after much trial and error, i feed him once a day, at the end of the day, so he’s hungry…I leave a big plate of Freshpet and at some point he sneaks in and eats the entire plate. Finally i’m not stressing about him starving!” -Rocky’s Pet Parent

all-natural ingredients, free from preservatives, powders, meals, or
by-products clearly makes a difference in the overall taste of their food – so
much that even the pickiest eater can’t resist it!

Help your pet achieve their ideal

food your pet consumes plays a big role in their ability to reach their ideal
weight. Whether your pet needs to gain weight or lose weight, if you’re feeding
them a shelf-stable kibble that lacks nutrients, it can be a long road to
meeting your vet’s recommended weight – especially when it comes to senior

of our recipes is gently steamed at low temperatures to protect the integrity
of the ingredients before it’s vacuum-sealed to lock in the natural goodness
before it’s sent to the fridge. It’s thanks to this process that our pet food
is packed with essential micronutrients only found in fresh food!

  • “My 14 year old mix has had a few different health problems lately and lost a lot of weight. I tried everything to put the weight back on, but nothing was working. Until Freshpet. I started adding this to her usual food and she is putting weight back on and looking so healthy! Thanks Freshpet.” -Heather
  • “This delicious food has been a godsend in helping me get my overweight dog healthy. With other foods, you have to give them so little that he would start digging through our trash between meals. This food has given us the volume needed to keep him full and to get him to a healthy weight. Bonus is that he LOVES the taste and it doesn’t upset his sensitive stomach. The ingredients are top notch. We’re Freshpet customers for life!” -Shelly

Combat allergies, sensitive stomachs,
and other food-related issues

If your pet struggles with allergies, digestive tract sensitivities or other food-related issues, Freshpet is a great choice. We use a wide variety of high-quality protein sources in our recipes, including more novel ones like lamb, ocean whitefish, and bison, which gives you lots of choices if your pet needs chicken-free pet food.

We also offer a recipe specifically designed for pets with sensitive stomachs and skin. This recipe features fiber-rich pumpkin, brown rice packed with natural prebiotics and highly digestible protein, as well as vitamin A and omega fatty acids to help maintain healthy skin and shiny coats.

  • “My poor cat has issues with puking and diarrhea. Had to lay off common grocery store brand canned cat food. Saw Freshpet in a fridge section and gave it a shot. He looooved it and no puking. No diarrhea! The fact that it had no grains and all protein was a plus. He is perkier and overall healthier. A good choice!!!” -Happy Pet Parent
  • “I bought this product 3 weeks ago for my Frenchie, she suffers from allergies and switched dry foods 3 times over the last year with not much relief. I had enough and went fresh. In 3 weeks her itching has decreased and her coat has changed to silky smooth. Love this product and so does my baby.” -Jules
  • “My dachshunds were struggling with rashes and stomach issues. One month on Freshpet and they are healthier than ever! I feel good about what they are eating now and it’s affordable. Thank you Freshpet!” -Happy Pet Parent

With so many unique recipes to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding the right one to address your pet’s food-related issues. In fact, on our product page, you can even use the filter to sort our recipes by ingredients!

If you were considering a new brand of food for your pet, we hope that these Freshpet reviews from pet parents have convinced you to make the switch! Want to read more? Head over to our Reviews page!


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