[Giveaway] The Things I’ve Seen At Super Pet Expo

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Super Pet Expo in Edison, NJ was the highlight of my year when I was growing up in the armpit of America, and I still go whenever I can. This year, an event organizer reached out to me about writing about Super Pet Expo on my blog and hosting a giveaway for free tickets. It’s all come full circle! If you aren’t far from Edison, New Jersey, you have to experience this expo. This year, it’s taking place the weekend of January 21-23, 2022.

Super Pet Expo will also take place in Chantilly, Virginia from March 18-20, 2022, though I haven’t visited their location, I’m sure it’s just as exhilarating.

Day passes are only $15 for adults, but you can enter for a chance to win four free tickets at the end of this blog post. There will be two winners!

What Is Super Pet Expo?

Super Pet Expo is at the New Jersey Convention Center, which is gigantic. The center has amazing expos year-round, including the Garden State Cat Expo in the summer, and there’s also a fossil and mineral event, craft shows – but Super Pet Expo is by far my favorite.

This year, there’s going to be over 100 vendors, including small businesses like dog bakeries, hand-crafted collars, harnesses, apparel, pet parent gifts, local trainers, local pet sitters, representatives from pet food companies, rescues, shelters, and more.

Each year there are demonstrations, events, and shows. For 2022, some of the highly anticipated events include:

Dog trainer Chrissy Joy
  • Learn about the joy and care of pet hermit crabs with Mister Crabs
  • Dachshund Races aka Wiener Dog Races
  • Trick and training show with Bone-A-Fied Talent Group/ dog trainer Chrissy Joy
  • Aisle of Alligators and Tortoise Encounter
  • Butterfly Exhibit with over 500 butterflies – you can even feed them
  • Lure Coursing – if your dog is sporty you can sign them up!

There’s also thousands of pet lovers, some of them accompanied by their pets. You’re allowed to bring your leashed pet along, so it can be a fun day for a highly social dog. I’ve brought Matilda along but we both felt overwhelmed – this year, she’ll be riding in my carrier backpack so she can judge everyone from high up.

The Best Things I’ve Seen At Super Pet Expo

The most recent Super Pet Expo I went to featured Pig Placement Network, a rescue for pot-bellied pigs. At their pig pen, they had pig agility – in which the pigs calmly trotted up and down ramps and through hoops in their piggy, leisurely fashion. You could also watch pigs paint, and they had paintings on sale to benefit the rescue.

I also remember the Exotic Bird Show booth, I haven’t heard yet if they’re making a return this year. I saw macaws, a toucan, all sorts of wild creatures up close and personal.

I’ve sat in on nutrition and training demonstrations and had opportunities to talk to the experts afterwards.

I once got a great deal on matching raincoats for Matilda and Cow at the expo, that’s definitely my favorite thing I’ve bought there.

Overall, it’s a shopping experience, a learning experience, a social event, and so much more all rolled into one weekend. Now that I have my first kitten, I’m looking forward to seeing what products, concepts, and ideas I could discover to raise her to be a wonderful cat. Of course, I’m excited to pick up new dog ideas for the blog too.

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