Holiday Gifts For Your Pet That Don’t Cost a Dime

You don’t have to spend
a lot to give your pet a gift they’ll love this holiday season – some of the
most meaningful gifts don’t cost a dime! Need some inspiration? Take a look at
these five holiday gifts that come with a zero dollar price tag.

Give them a seat at the table

If the way to your pet’s heart is through their stomach, the ultimate gift you can give them is a “seat” at the holiday dinner table. While they may not be able to physically sit at the table or eat the same meal that you serve your two-legged guests, you can still make them feel involved. Set up a little dining area beside the table and put together a special holiday menu just for them. Using their favorite Freshpet recipe as the main, some pet-safe human foods as a side and starter, and a tasty Freshpet treat as dessert, you can create a custom three-course meal. For inspiration, check out our suggested Thanksgiving meal.

Watch a movie together

The holidays are about spending time with the ones you love, so one of the best gifts you can give is just that – quality time together. Plan a cozy movie night, complete with a roaring fire or plenty of blankets, a selection of treats, and a movie you will both enjoy. You can choose a classic like Beethoven or Air Bud that features real dogs or you can opt for a specially made program for dogs. There are countless videos made just for dogs available for free on sites like Youtube.

Play some engaging games

Pets don’t need fancy store-bought toys to have a good time – in our experience, it’s the simple homemade toys that bring them the most joy! Dogs love any toy that lets them put their nose to work so if there’s snow where you are, try hiding some treats in it so they can sniff them out. If your dog prefers to play indoors, you can do a similar activity by hiding treats under a few blankets or rags and let them figure out how to get to them. For the feline family members, you can create a treat puzzle out of an empty cereal or cookie box. Simply cut some holes in the box, place their favorite treats inside, seal it, and watch them use their little paws to fish them out.If your cat has never used a food puzzle before, start by making the holes quite big. As they get better at getting the treats, you can make the holes smaller to increase its difficulty.

Go on an adventure

If just seeing their leash makes your pet go wild, why not give them the gift of an outdoor adventure. Instead of going on your regular walking route, look for new trails or dog parks you could explore. Your pup’s nose will go wild taking in all the new smells they come across and they may even encounter some new dogs they can have a quick play session with! What’s great about this gift is that you can give it time and time again because there are always new places to explore. If your dog really enjoys it, you could make it a weekly treat, making your way through all of your local dog parks or even trails outside of the city. Just make sure you follow these cold weather safety tips!

Spend an afternoon baking

Homemade dog treats are another great gift idea for two reasons. The first is that your pet gets some delicious treats, made by their favorite person. The second is that you can spend some quality time with your pet while you make them. You can find a number of pet-friendly treat recipes on the internet, but a fun way to get involved in the baking process is by tailoring the recipe based on their taste. When choosing ingredients, let them sniff a few different ones before you add them in. For example, if it calls for fresh fruit, offer them bananas, blueberries, and apples and see which they are drawn towards. This results in a final treat that includes ingredients they choose all by themselves.

Do you have any other
suggestions for gifts to give your pets this holiday season? We’d love to see
them in the comments!


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