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The Best Healthy Rabbit Food And Treat Suggestions 

If you have kept rabbits as house pets or breeders, it is important to give the right diet and treats to your small pet that will keep them strong and healthy. There are so many types of food that rabbits can feed on but you should understand the nutritional requirements of the rabbits so that you provide the right food for them. The stage of life of the rabbit informs the type of food that they should be fed on. As a general rule, rabbits should take food that has at least 16% protein composition.

When a rabbit constantly feeds on a non-balanced diet, the effects are easily recognizable. The coat of the rabbit will appear dull because the rabbits’ immune system is weak and they often experience problems with digestion when they are not well fed on a healthy balanced diet. The baby rabbits, on the other hand, grow slower and take longer to reach maturity. The following are proven food and treat suggestions that can are essential for optimum growth and health of rabbits.

Timothy Grass  hay for guinea pigs and rabbits is one of the healthy food that rabbits should eat regularly. Always ensure that there is sufficient supply of this hay in store so that the rabbits get enough fiber in their diet, If you do not have enough hay, the rabbits can easily suffer from hairballs and can develop diarrhea. Lack of enough of this hay can also make the animals be obese.

Alfalfa Hay is another type of hay that is best suited for the adults and the quantities of this kind of hay that is fed to the rabbits should be controlled because it has too much calcium, high protein content and too many calories for the rabbits. Manufactured rabbit pellets is another rabbit food suggestion. The pellets are bite-sized and made using ground hay, minerals, vitamins and other food components that are suited for rabbit’s food digestive system and are available in stores. The manufactured rabbit pellets should be fed to the rabbits twice a day. Colored, old and moldy rabbit pellets should not be fed to the rabbits.

The other type of food that should be fed to the rabbits are fresh vegetables and fruits. The green leafy plants such as romaine, endive, chervil, arugula, collard greens, and dandelion are great food suggestions for adult rabbits. Vegetables and fruits are not suitable for baby rabbits because it causes them to develop enteritis which is a condition that leads to the inflammation of the small intestine.Click here to know more about rabbit treats and foods.

You may also visit https://www.britannica.com/animal/rabbit for more related info.

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