Homemade Dog Treats: Which Baking Supplies Do You Need?

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Although your home kitchen has everything you need to prepare homemade dog treats–from dehydrated chews to tiny dog training treats to cute dog biscuits, a few baking supplies can make the process much simpler!

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baking supplies to make homemade dog treats

Measuring Cups or Spoons

measuring cups

Measuring cups and spoons are used for accurate measurement of ingredients. Cups like these Kaptron Tools Spoons and Collapsible Measuring Cups collapse for easy storage.

Liquid Measuring Cup

liquid measuring cups

OK, there are many liquid measuring cups on the market but I wouldn’t take for my Pyrex measuring cup. I have several but most frequently use the two-cup product. I use it not only for measuring dog treat ingredients but often use it as a little mixing bowl.

Cookie Sheet

cookie sheet

Not just for cookies, heavyweight cookie sheets are great for holding silicone pyramid baking mats (below) and for making dog biscuits.

Half Sheet Pan

half pan sheet

Half sheet pans are like a shallow cake pan–and SO versatile. I use them for making dog biscuits, for using with a pyramid baking sheet for training treats and with a cooling rack for a dehydrating treats!

Cooling Rack

cooling rack

Cooling racks–sold with baking pans or separately–lift meats up off the pan so juices will drip through the rack and into the pan…perfect for dehydrating dog treats in your oven!

Pyramid Baking Mat

pyramid baking mat

I just *love* my pyramid baking mats for creating tiny dog training treats. Although they are designed for holding meat up off the mat (so juices drain), if you flip over the pyramid baking mat, the hundreds of holes on the back side are perfect for pouring batter to create training treats!

Mixing Bowl

I love stainless steel mixing bowls! I have a stack of four and use them for making all our dog treats (as well as our meals!)

Hand Mixer

Hand mixers are less expensive than stand mixers, and are great for mixing treat dough.

Stand Mixer

If you have the budget (and shelf space) for a stand mixer, it can take your baking to the next level thanks to numerous attachments and a powerful motor.


I use a blender for most of my mixing; I have a KitchenAid and I use it to liquefy liver for our dogs’ favorite treats!

Rolling Pin

You can get as simple or as fancy as you like with rolling pins, from simple wood pins to silicone, no-stick rolling pins to marble rolling pins which stay cool to help prevent dough sticking.

Ice Trays

ice trays

Plain, inexpensive ice trays are perfect for storing leftover broth and stock–as well as for making frozen dog treats.

Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters add some fun to your treats! i love small cookie cutters but you’ll find them in all sizes and shapes.

Pizza Cutter

You can certainly use a knife to score a pan of dog treats and create mini training treats–but a pizza cutter will simplify the job!

Silicone Trays for Baking & Freezing

silicone trays

Silicone trays are so versatile–pop them in your oven to make paw print dog treats or fill them with broth and freeze them for great summer treats!

Food dehydrator

food dehydrator

Make your own dehydrated jerky and dog chews on the cheap with a food dehydrator at a fraction of the cost. A food dehydrator is also excellent for drying vegetables and fruits during the peak season for use in later treats. Dehydrators come in a wide range of prices but start at about the same price as a blender.

You can dehydrate treats in your oven but a dehydrator is handy if you’ll be dehydrating very often (and especially if you don’t want to heat up your kitchen during the summer–or you don’t want to dehydrate stinky dog treats in your kitchen! You can move your dehydrator anywhere there’s an electrical plug.)


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