How to Get Rid of Pet Dander and Pet Hair in my Home?

Animals that have feathers or fur normally shed off tiny skin particles and these are referred to as dander. Thus, cats and dogs are examples of such animals. Some of the particles might be too small for you to see, while others are quite big. Either way, you need to get rid of them because they can cause allergic reactions, particularly if you are allergic to animals. Below are some of the ways you can remove pet hair and pet dander from your house. 

1. Clean Your Home Regularly

 There is no specific time that pets produce dander. It is a continuous process. The fact that dander clings on all surfaces and is difficult to see with your naked eye means that you may unknowingly have a lot of it in your home. That is why you need to clean everywhere. The key to effective cleaning is to assume that dander is all over your home. Thus, there are various consumer robots and appliances you can use to help you keep your home free of pet hair and pet dander. 

 For example, carpets normally contain the mother of all hairs and skin particles. A HEPA grade filter vacuum works best for carpets given that it can pick up tiny particles which can only be seen under a microscope which is the case with dander.

 When it comes to furniture, you can try a lint roller. It normally has a sticky tape that will pick up the dander and hair. This method also works for curtains. Natural cleaning products such as an all-purpose cleaner also works well to remove dander from solid surfaces like walls and ceilings when used with a piece of cloth. 

 It is also important to clean your pet accessories. This includes their leash (if you have any), beddings, toys and anything the pet uses or plays with. Regular cleaning will always help you to minimize the amount of dander around.


2. Wash Your Pet

Bathing your pet regularly is highly effective in removing dander and pet hair from your home. This might not be good news for you because it is a lot of effort, and your dog will probably give you a hard time, but it is necessary. 

 The Humane Society stated that washing your pet once a week can get rid of 84% of the dander on their fur. If this is somehow not practical for you, then you can bathe them twice a month. 


3. Professional Duct Cleaning

 There are times when you need a professional to come in with their superior equipment and expertise and make your home super clean. You can get a professional duct cleaning service that will eliminate dander and other unhealthy contaminants. As a result of the cleaning, you will enjoy the fresh air and a dander free home. 


4. An Air Purifier

Cleaning all the surfaces in the home is a great idea. However, it might not always be possible. That’s why you need an air purifier. The great news is that some are purposely manufactured to pick up skin particles and also hair from your cat or dog. You no longer have an excuse for living in a home full of dander and pet hair.


5. Get Rid Of Clutter

Pets normally walk around the house, leaving hair and dander everywhere. Since dander clings to anything, you may want to reduce the number of surfaces in the house. When you declutter your space, it leaves fewer areas for dander to latch onto. It also becomes easier to regularly clean the surfaces since they are few and in plain sight. 

Take Away

If you have pets, you’ll have to deal with dander and shedding of hair. There is no way around it. However, this doesn’t have to be a nightmare or scare you into giving away your beloved pets. All to do is apply the tips in this article and both you and your pets can enjoy living together. 

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