How to Train Your Dog to Be Kid Friendly

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Children playing with a puppy Peopleimages / Getty Images

Think about all the things children’s toys can do. Dolls and stuffed animals often make funny, high-pitched noises. Bikes go whizzing by at a quick pace. Balls get tossed or kicked across the yard. All of these things can make it very tempting for your dog to steal, chew, or chase toys. While this can lead to toys being destroyed, it can also lead to children getting nipped or knocked over. 

Sensitive dogs may be afraid of some children’s toys and then start to associate that fear with children as well.

Introduce your dog to kids’ toys without the kids around. This is when commands such as leave it and stay come in handy. Use these commands to keep your dog from stealing or chasing after toys. Be sure to redirect your dog to appropriate dog toys. If your dog is the nervous type, reward with treats when your dog is around the toys.

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