How We Do Right by Pets, People, and the Planet

we started Freshpet, our goal was to make better food for our pets. But as we
grew, we realized that we could change the industry through positive innovation
that is not only good for pets, but for pet parents and the planet as well.
Whether it’s carefully sourcing our ingredients, sharing our success with
employees, or taking steps to reduce our environmental impact, we keep one
phrase at the center of everything: Do right by pets, people, and the planet.

Do the Best for Pets

Everything we do, we do for pets. We started this company because we believed that our pets deserved to eat food made from fresh, healthy ingredients. This is why we vow to never use meat meals, powders, preservatives, or additives in any of our Freshpet recipes and work to make our recipes accessible in as many communities as possible. It’s also why we partner with shelters and rescues to increase their visibility and provide the pets in their care with the food and resources they need until they find their forever homes.

Share Our Success

From our Freshpet Kitchens to our HQ, we believe that everyone in our Freshpet family should share in our success. To do this, we make every full-time employee an owner, and work to foster a culture of personal pride, commitment, and collaboration. Without our Freshpet family, we wouldn’t be where we are today, and we truly believe that together we can do even more.

Minimize our Environmental Impact

April 22nd may officially be Earth Day, but at Freshpet we take steps to reduce the impact we have on the planet 365 days a year. It all starts with our Freshpet Kitchens. We take care to source our food locally whenever we can – from producers who meet our high standards for responsible farming and ranching practices. All ingredients, including our 100% farm-raised chicken and all-natural meats, are brought to the wind-powered Freshpet Kitchens in Bethlehem, PA and are used to create the recipes your pets love.

Once the food is ready to leave the kitchen, they’re loaded into SmartWay trucks. For a truck to receive the SmartWay designation, they must receive a combined greenhouse gas rating and smog rating that is significantly better than the average vehicle. These trucks then deliver our food directly to the energy-efficient fridges we have installed in all stores that carry our products.

addition to reducing our carbon footprint through our supply chain, we also
have other initiatives to office our emissions. In partnership with the
National Forest Foundation and other organizations, we’ve planted 50,000 trees
and counting! Overall, we’re proud to say that the steps we’re taking to reduce
our impact in all areas of our business are keeping us on track to be a
carbon-neutral company.

it’s Earth Day or any other day, our team is committed to doing right by pets,
people, and the planet.


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