International Homeless Animals Day

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A candle can help to light the way to a better tomorrow for homeless animals by taking part in an online candlelight vigil for the paws cause: International Homeless Animals Day. The event sponsor explains, “This worldwide effort is aimed at halting the euthanasia and suffering of unwanted companion animals. “

International Homeless Animals DayInternational Homeless Animals Day

When is International Homeless Animals Day?

International Homeless Animals Day is held every year on the third Saturday in August. In 2022, the pet awareness day is scheduled for Saturday, August 20.

Who Established This Pet Holiday?

A candlelight vigil is just one of the many ways that people with a passion for compassion can show their support for International Homeless Animals Day, which was established by the International Society for Animal Rights.  

Known first as National Catholic Society for Animal Welfare, then Society for Animals Rights, the non-profit organization strives to stand up for all of our friends with fur, fins and feathers. The organization got its start in 1959.

Since 1991 International Homeless Animals Day (IHAD) has helped to combat the problem of pet overpopulation through a variety of events ranging from adopt-a-thons, spay clinics and shelter open houses to animal blessings. According to the organizer, the annual observance is “the first and only worldwide event that addresses the urgent need for affordable spay/neuter programs.”

How to Participate

In the words of a quote often turned to in trying times, “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”  

Virtual candles are lit online in remembrance of late companion animals who have shared our lives and for the multitude of dogs and cats who will only ever find a home in our hearts.  

A list of both domestic and international events is available on ISAR’s website.

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International Homeless Animals DayInternational Homeless Animals Day


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