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You love them to bits, but at times kids, pets and even spouses can drive you round the twist. To save losing your rag, here are some handy tips that could keep those greys at bay.

1. Plan.
‍Kids will fight for your attention when they know it’s elsewhere, so make time for family in your daily routine. Schedule breaks for fun or creative activities and make sure you’re factoring in some alone time for yourself too (hide & seek is good for this).

2. Lunchtime disco.
‍Need to burn some serious energy? Lay all the cushions on the floor and jump around until your kids are exhausted and happy to chill out with a book or educational) TV.

3. Gardening leave.
‍Kids love ‘gardening’ or playing with mud at least. If it’s a sunny day, send them outside with some safe gardening tools and some plants you don’t mind being destroyed.

4. Come on block the noize.
‍It works in the office. As a last resort block it all out with noise cancelling headphones and your fave playlist.

5. If all else fails, lock yourself in the bedroom with a glass of wine and hope for the best.

6. You big tease.
‍Cut a hole in their favourite ball, freeze some peanut butter in it and serve. It will keep them busy for hours.

7. Walkies!
‍If you have time for a long walk or run in the morning you’ll have a sleepy pet who leaves you in peace all afternoon.

8. Double creature feature.
‍Kill two birds with one stone by having the kids build an obstacle course for the dog. Hours of fun will pass with minimal supervision if no sharp objects are involved.

9. The chill zone.
‍For very little kids, create a comfy cushion nest that’s within eye and earshot. Adding a sheet will create a pillow fort that will keep them confined while you work.

10. If all else fails, please refer to number 5 above.

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