National Pet Parents Day: Why Being A Pet Parent Is So Rewarding

The bond between a pet and their pet parent is like no other, which is why we love to celebrate National Pet Parents Day on April 26th. We asked a few of our Freshpet Pet Parents to share why being a pet parent is so rewarding – here’s what they had to say, in their own words.

They love you unconditionally

Our pets don’t care how we look, where we live, or what we do.
The only thing they care about is whether or not we’re with them, because
nothing makes them happier than our presence. Unlike humans, who can judge or
hold grudges, our pets are quick to forgive, preferring to live in the moment
than worry about the past. In short, they love us unconditionally.

“As a pet parent for now 20 years, I can only profess this: To be loved unconditionally, rewarded with kisses and glee each time I walk through the door, and my Brewski and Mookie snuggled beside me has made me the richest lady in the world. I thank God for these 2 angels and my Mr. B who 10 months ago made his way to Rainbow Heaven. My life is truly blessed.” – Pat S., Freshpet Pet Parent

They’re always there
for you

We choose to bring a pet into our lives, often rescuing them from difficult pasts, but over the course of their lives, our pets return the favor tenfold. They comfort us when we’re feeling down, they celebrate with us when we’re excited, they join us for a lazy day on the couch. They even help us live healthier lives by making sure we get out of the house for a walk or play with them inside each day. No matter what, they’re always there for us. 

“We rescued them and they rescued us. Love is given with hugs and kisses and received by their kisses. Pet parents to Bailey, Dodger, Frankie and Miss Mazey.” – Cliff & Ann, Freshpet Pet Parents

They bring joy to your

Jumping to give you kisses when you arrive home, happily
knocking things off of any flat surface they can reach, running through the
house with wet paws – life with pets is never dull. From the moment they wake –
or even when they’re asleep – our pets provide us with endless entertainment.
Watching them do their happy dance before being fed, wiggle and pounce on a
toy, or even just sleep in a funny position, brightens our day and brings a
smile to our face.

“It’s been just me for the last 13+ years. Me and my fur kids Rennie and Petey, and my beautiful Zoe at the Bridge. They give me a reason to get up in the morning, they make me laugh, they share their love and companionship so fully, completely, deeply. They are my life. I give them the absolute best of everything that I can and that includes their food…Freshpet of course!” – Lori S., Freshpet Pet Parent

They provide memories
that last a lifetime

Your pets are with you day in and day out, so there are plenty of chances to create lasting memories together. They may be there for life’s big events but they’re also there for the smaller moments that stick in your mind. Maybe it’s a little behavioral quirk, a routine you’ve developed together, or even something mildly annoying, like a tendency to steal your shoes. The time you spend with your pet will provide you with memories that will last the rest of your life.

“It was inevitable. Being a fur babe mama. From the time I was very little cats came and went, then came dogs, a rabbit who lived indoors, strays, lost animals looking for our help to get them home, birds and goldfish. Our house and our hearts were always filled with their love for us and ours for them. Married, then children, dogs and cats and goldfish still graced our home. Currently 4 cats strong. 2 of our 17-year-olds (yes we had 6 at one time) passing away over the last two years. Two 5-year-olds and two almost 3-year-olds that I rescued from the woods where someone abandoned them at 4 months old. Those two have a bond stronger than any bond I have ever seen, with each other and with me.

Then I have my Freshpet baby Skittles, a 9-year-old pug who came to be with us after the loss of my handsome man Caissie, a massive Newfoundland that I miss daily. Some people say I downsized. I just say my heart had shrunk after losing my boy but this little man came along and my heart grew tenfold again. Being a fur baby parent is really the best joy on this earth next to the birth of my daughters.” – Wendy W., Freshpet Pet Parent

They make your house a

Once you’ve had a pet in your home, you know that without them it’s just a house. With their endless warmth and energy, our pets have the unique ability to bring life into any space. Whether they’re running to greet us at the door, warming up our spot on the couch, or snoozing in a ray of sunshine, our house has never felt as homey as when our pet is there.

“I have 4 cats all rescued. Mocha, Silver they are brothers. Flip and Meowette. So much love. It’s so great to come home they come running to the door to greet me. It’s so rewarding the love they show you. That is the crew eating Freshpet of course.” – Maureen C., Freshpet Pet Parent

These are just five of the countless reasons why being a pet parent is so rewarding. Have a reason we didn’t mention? Share it in the comments!


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