Natural Chews 101

Natural Chews

You may not know exactly which one is right for your dog, but it is more than likely that your dog would benefit from the addition of a natural chew, to their diet.  A dog’s typical diet consists of the same meal, for the majority for their whole life. Pending what they are consuming this can lead to nutrient deficiencies, plus it is just plain bland. An easy way to add variety to your dog’s diet, without too much effort, is by adding occasional natural chews.  High in protein and evoking an ancestral type diet, there is a natural chew available for every dog’s taste preference and many with additional benefits.

So what does ‘Natural Chew’ even mean?

A dog chew is an item that is purchased with the intent of allowing a dog to occupy time by chewing it. A natural chew is thusly a chew object that has no artificial ingredients or chemical processes applied. A reason that many dog parents prefer natural chews is the increased digestibility. Dog’s digestive systems are built to handle all-natural materials much better than rubber, fluff, nylon, wood or plastics, which are often consumed when dogs spend time gnawing their toys or other household items.

Modern dogs are descendants of wolves, who would have survived on a carnivorous diet.  Relying on a single, constant protein type, like most standard dog food, can provide good whole protein, but will lack variety. Not all proteins provide the same benefits, so adding in protein, in the form of natural chews, is a great solution. Organs provide different nutrients than the marrow in bones and cartilage provides still differing benefits.

Below are a few things to keep in mind when selecting chews for your dog.

Glucosamine = Joint Health

Found in Beef Trachea

Naturally occurring in trachea glucosamine is an ingredient commonly found in joint health supplements. Not only will your dogs receive a joint boost, they will not put up a fight about eating this chew- dogs love these.  

Healthy Fats = Healthy Skin & Shiny Coat

The grease and natural fats present in natural chews provide a boost for dogs’ skin and coat. It helps keep their skin hydrated, preventing flakes and itchiness. Having healthy skin is the first step to ensuring that a dog has a healthy and shiny coat. 

Chewing Action = Dental & Mental Health

The abrasive action of repeatedly gnawing helps remove plaque from dogs’ teeth, acting as a great component of any dental health regimen. Chewing is also especially important for puppies’ dental health, it can help alleviate sore gums while they are teething.

The act of chewing releases endorphins in a dog’s brain, these are often referred to as ‘feel happy’ hormones.  Appropriate chewing is a very soothing act for dogs, a good chew will hold their attention and keep them engaged.  Because this is a healthy outlet for dogs, it is important for pet parents to help direct them to an appropriate chewing option.

Natural chews come in many shapes, sizes and flavors.  Finding a good fit for your dog is as simple as visiting your local pet store, most have a wide selection of natural chews. Staff will be happy to point you towards a chew that is appropriate for your dog’s size and jaw strength, while meeting their flavor preferences. Types readily available include: beef bones, pork bones, lamb bones, chicken feet, pig ears, beef pizzles, beef hooves, beef trachea, jerky-style sticks and more.  Just remember that chews are a larger item, from a dietary perspective, and should not be given as frequently as a small treat to enforce positive behavior. It is also important to let your veterinarian know what types of chews you are letting your dog experience, they may have helpful recommendations as well.

Chew size disclaimer

The bone or chew should be larger than your dog’s mouth. Pork bones and lamb bones are soft bones and are only for smaller, light chewers. Beef bones are good for most chewers. Beef shank and knee caps are the hardest bones for aggressive chewers. If large slivers or pieces are breaking off, take it away and try another type. Bones are not intended to be ingested, but chewed and gnawed on. All Jones products have a recommended dog size on the label: most meaty chews are good for most chewing dogs, such as a pig ear. If the dog is more of a gulper, a meaty treat such as a sausage or jerky product is recommended.

Discover the benefits a natural chew can bring to your dog’s life and treat your pup today with Jones Natural Chews!


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