Neurogan delivers a healthy dose of quality, transparency and hygge to a convoluted CBD market

Neurogan delivers a healthy dose of quality, transparency and hygge to a convoluted CBD market
The Neurogan team.

This California-based CBD and superfoods company draws inspiration from their Danish roots to create a one-of-a-kind product line for pets.

Walk into any pet store, and you’ll find dozens of different brands offering a wide variety of CBD products. Online, the options are even more overwhelming. Word of the benefits of CBD for pets has spread – but in such a convoluted market, it can be difficult to know which companies to trust. The key, of course, is to put your faith in quality and transparency – two values that only select companies, like Neurogan, consider essential.

The Neurogan story

From the start, quality has been the be-all and end-all of Neurogan’s mission. As a child growing up in Scandinavia, the company’s co-founder, Jan Brandrup, was fascinated with hemp. He would watch as his Grandma Karen retrieved her hemp jar from the cabinet each day to brew a warm cup of hemp tea to relieve her arthritis. In 2015, much later in his life, Jan founded Neurogan, a California-based CBD and superfoods company, with his two sons, Nicklas and Alexander. With his grandmother in mind, he made it his goal to prioritize simple ingredients, all-natural wellness and – most importantly – top quality ingredients.

“Our family’s move to sunny Southern California inspired us to get healthy, so we began trying different superfoods and soon experienced a sense of well-being that we knew we had to share,” says Jan. “We decided to blend our humble Danish roots with a health-conscious Californian attitude, inspiring us to create outdoor-grown CBD and superfoods. We hand-select, research, and collaborate on each nutritive supplement we have. And if we don’t love it, we don’t sell it; an ode to our Danish sentiments of honesty and transparency.”

Certified & home-grown

Because CBD products for pets are so widely available, many animal caretakers buy from uncertified sources. This fact inspires the Neurogan team to share their products with as many people as possible. “Oftentimes when customers try our product, it may be the first time they’ve ever come into contact with an efficacious hemp product, even if they’ve been using CBD for years,” says Jan.

So what sets Neurogan’s CBD products apart from all the others out there? For starters, it’s made from Scandinavian hemp, home-grown in an open field in Denmark where it’s tended to and CO2 extracted by the Brandrip family. Denmark has some of the strictest agricultural policies in the world and, according to Jan, they’re proud to adhere to every single one. Each and every product on their site has been created in Neurogan’s private GMP and Kosher certified facility in San Diego, and third-party laboratory tested for quality and purity. Lab results are publicly posted at

A dedication to education

Thanks to a lifetime of fascination with hemp and years of research, Jan and his brilliant team of experts have made the Neurogan website a one-stop educational resource for anyone interested in learning more about CBD. “Not only do we educate with blog posts on basic topics regarding CBD, we inform our customers of industry practices to be wary of and create a bi-weekly newsletter providing them with tips and tricks for being more informed CBD consumers,” says Jan. “We want our customers to feel like experts in their own CBD experience.”

The importance of hygge

Over the past five years, Jan, Nicklas and Alexander have recognized that running a small family business isn’t easy. So as they continue to put in the hard work required to produce top quality products, they’ve woven another important value into Neurogan’s fabric: hygge – the art of enjoying the simple things in life. This Danish term helps the Neurogan team tap into the heart of wellness, so they’re better equipped to deliver it to their customers in every bottle and bag they sell.

Of course, a life of hygge wouldn’t be complete without the unconditional love of an animal companion! It’s not surprising, then, that Neurogan works closely with a local San Diego non-profit that rescues dogs from Tijuana and Mexico – The Animal Pad. “We first became involved with them when we began donating free CBD dog treats and pet CBD oil to their cause, but our involvement snowballed,” says Jan. “At our dog-friendly office, we now have five employees who have adopted dogs from The Animal Pad, and we use them on the cover of our  CBD for pets treats and oils!”

Investing in CBD for ourselves and our animals is an intimidating process. But at the end of the day, you can’t go wrong putting your trust in a company built on a foundation of quality, transparency and “the simple things in life”. And we think Grandma Karen would agree!

To learn more about Neurogan and how to give CBD to your pet, visit their website or contact them here.


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