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Whether they’re naughty or nice, we all know that dogs need dog walks–and that means poop bags, treats, a place to keep your keys and phone, and more.

Our YUCKY PUPPY store is having a big BOGO sale on all gear in our Dog Walker’s Collection this weekend–just use coupon code BOGO at checkout–and it includes free U.S. shipping!

Buy any one item in the collection and get ANY other second item in the collection for free!

And mix and match your items–as long as the second item is in the Dog Walker’s Collection, it’s free!

And every gift helps sponsor the care of a shelter dog like Magnolia, a 9.5-year-old adoptable dog whose care YUCKY PUPPY purchases have sponsored as she waits for a forever home!

Poop Bag Carriers

Tired of wagging that saggy bag until you reach the trash can? Tired of poop bags showing up on your photos? Drop that full poop bag in a waterproof YUCKY PUPPY poop bag carriers, and no one but your dog will know what you’re carrying.

Shop for any of our patterns including our most popular bones pattern (above), in blue or pink/purple (and in two sizes), our new Yuletide pattern…

…our classic black bags, in one pocket, one pocket XL, or two pocket styles…

…as well as our Palm, Monstera, Watermelon, Fall Leaves and other patterns!

Dog Walking Bags

Always be ready to head off on your next dog walk with our crossbody dog walking bag! Includes:

  • a clear, zippered pocket to protect your phone
  • reflective trim for night walks
  • a magnetic pocket for one-handed treating
  • an interior zippered poop bag dispenser
  • an adjustable strap that can be worn as a crossbody or shoulder strap

You can purchase a dog walking bag alone, as a bundle with poop bag carriers, or as a kit, with a silicone collapsible dog bowl, biodegradable poop bags and two sets of poop bag carriers!

Biodegradable Poop Bags

Made with cornstarch, our biodegradable, unscented poop bags are now included in the BOGO sale as well…stock up with code BOGO at checkout!


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