“Pawliday” at The Getaway at Emerald Glen Farm

Pet lovers Ian and Mindy McCormick decided in 2018 that life was too short to work all the time in the corporate world to maintain a San Francisco, California, lifestyle. The duo decided that since they only had one life and wanted to start living it on their terms, they needed to make sure they were doing something they enjoyed and were passionate about.

“Which is how we came to focus on a business that caters to dogs and their owners,” says Ian, as they were blessed to have great dogs of their own, like Samson and Roxy, and their current pups Siena and Honcho. They looked for a rural property to live and work, someplace that allowed them to have some land and a place where they could reconnect with nature. They bought The Getaway in January 2020, quit their jobs and moved to upstate New York.

“We were quickly confronted with the challenges of operating a new business during an unprecedented pandemic. I remember Mindy and I thinking ‘Wow! What kind of luck must we have — taking the biggest risk of our lives and almost immediately being faced with a horrible pandemic that would potentially put our business at risk and cut us off from our family and friends who had planned on visiting.’”

Ian describes The Getaway at Emerald Glen Farm as 120 acres of pure dog heaven.

© Julia August | Getty Image

“We offer a truly off-leash experience for well-mannered dogs that pass our personality screening. There is a 30-acre area that encompasses all of the lodgings/dining area, which is fully fenced in. Our guests have likened it to staying inside a dog park.”

Ian and Mindy take dog friendly to the next level, catering to the canines. “We know that we have done our job when we hear how much fun and how tired our guest dogs are at the end of each day,” Ian says.

The property offers over 4 miles of hiking trails, access to the clean/clear waters of the Butternut Creek meandering through 90% of the property, private retreats throughout to relax waterside and soak up the surroundings or to catch a quick nap. Mindy and Ian want to continue to make the Getaway even better, by adding to their current farm animals (like the two Nigerian dwarf goats they adopted) with some egg-laying hens for fresh eggs for guests. They hope to eventually offer dog boarding for guests and the public in general.

The 2021 summer season runs from Friday, May 28th through Thursday, September 30th. The campground welcomes RVs and tents, plus offers dog-friendly cottages and cabins. Mindy and Ian truly appreciate their guests, both human and dog. “A lot of great dog-loving people,” says Ian, “which is uplifting.”

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