Pet Care Articles Tips For Keeping Pets Safe During Holidays

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Holidays are especially fun for many people; however, if you have pets, you need to know that these times of the year can be dangerous to your four-legged friends.

Tips For Keeping Pets Safe During Holidays

Pet Safety Tips

Described below are the most common holiday concerns and the best pet safety tips to help keep your dog safe:

Sparklers, Fireworks and Pets

Sparklers and fireworks can be very scary to even the bravest dogs and for those that are already afraid of loud noises, the fourth of July can be absolutely terrifying. Furthermore, since dogs do not know what fireworks are and what they do, there is always the chance that they could become seriously injured by them.

With that said, if you are going to see a fireworks display, do not take your dog. Additionally, make sure you put your pet in a safe room or crate if you plan on using sparklers or fireworks at home. Finally, if you have a particularly excitable pet, you may want to consider talking to your vet about tranquilizers for the big night.

Tips For Keeping Pets Safe During Holidays

Halloween Costumes, Candy and Pets

Halloween typically presents several problems for our canine friends. First of all, while you may be tempted to dress your dog up for the holiday, you need to make sure that the costume is not restrictive and will not choke your pet. Do not give your dog any candy either as some sweets can be harmful and even toxic to pets.

Trick or treating can be quite fun for children and adults. Nevertheless, the costumes and props can be alarming to some dogs. If you plan to give out candy on Halloween, keep your dog in a secluded room until trick or treating is over. This is especially important if your pet is aggressive or timid.

Tips For Keeping Pets Safe During Holidays

Thanksgiving Food and Pets

Thanksgiving is a holiday when people show their appreciation for all of the wonderful blessings in their lives. It is also the time of year when many Americans partake in large meals shared with their families. This can be dangerous to your dog if they happen to eat something that is harmful to them.

Never give your pet chocolate and if you want to give your dog turkey, pick it off the bone. Other foods that can harm your dog include grapes, raisins, onions, alcohol, uncooked cookie dough and some nuts. When sitting down to a Thanksgiving meal, place your dog in a separate room with a favorite toy. Go here for more Thanksgiving   pet safety   tips to help keep your four-legged friend safe during your celebrations.

Christmas, New Years and Pets

Just as with Thanksgiving, during Christmas and New Years, you will want to be sure that you keep holiday foods and treats out of your dog’s reach. You will also need to tape down any extra cords that could shock or burn your pet. When decorating your Christmas tree, hang ornaments and tinsel where your dog cannot reach them.

Tinsel can be very damaging to your dog’s system and can cause digestive upsets and/or blockages. There are many holiday plants that can harm your pet as well. In fact, some of these plants can even be toxic to dogs. This includes, but is not limited to, mistletoe, ivy, lilies and poinsettias.

It is unfortunate that holidays can pose a wide array of pet safety problems for your dog. In addition to the above pet safety tips for keeping your dog safe during holidays, you may also want to consider keeping gifts out of reach of your dog, putting your dog in another room while you have guests and keeping candles and potpourri where pets cannot get to them.

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