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As Winter and the Holidays approach…

A.P.A.W. wants to remind you about the seasonal hazards to your pets. The sweet taste of antifreeze is appealing to dogs and cats so make sure to wipe up all spills and puddles and keep this toxic substance away from your pet. Drowsiness, lethargy and depression are the signs of antifreeze poisoning. If you suspect your pet has ingested antifreeze, call us right away. 

Planning a special get together? Stocking up on all the holiday goodies? Beware of guests who may give your pet cookies, chocolate and other sweets.   Your pet’s digestive system is not adapted for such rich foods, and chocolate contains theobromine, which can be harmful and sometimes fatal. If you suspect your pet has ingested a harmful treat, please seek treatment as soon as possible. 

Also, be careful of mistletoe, poinsettieas and artificial snow that are poisonous. Christmas ornament fragments can perforate the stomach; if swallowed, string, ribbon, adn tinsel may cause painful intestinal problems; frayed light cords can cause shock or burns. During the holidays, please keep these potentially dangerous items out of the reach of your pets. 

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