RagnarokMobile – 20 + 1 Pet’s TIPS AND TRICKS (>.<)

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Hi, I have created this post for some tips and tricks to take advantage of your pet’s potential, higher potential of earning you zenny than any amount of farming ;P

  1. Once you get your first pet from the tamer, immediately hatch it and name it “l”, your poring will be crying 24/7 now.

  2. Level this poring high enough so you can do the first pet adventure (the pet adventure at the top)

  3. All pet adventures at the top are needed to unlock the next tier of adventures, this adventure consumes no stamina but your pet must meet the level requirement before you can assign the pets to it. This adventure rewards are much better than the normal adventures and usually reward a large amount of shells.

  4. Once you complete your first adventure you should have enough shells to purchase an apple/carrot from the tamer.


  6. If you don’t care about 5 then go ahead and try your luck getting a 2nd poring or preferably a lunatic.

  7. Now, if you followed my advice and did not get a second pet go ahead and use the apple to bring your poring’s intimacy to 4-5 (pet the poring until the face is bright and happy before gifting the apple for higher success)

  8. The second pet that you should be getting is either a poring or a lunatic.

  9. once you have your second pet, purchase food from tamer and bring intimacy to 5 at least.

  10. Every reset, put both of your pets to rest and send them on pet adventure to lvl 17 adventure (any pet with 5 intimacy) and lvl 11 adventure (poring, intimacy at least 3). Once you match the requirements you will get a chest with a chance to many valuable rares and other goodies.

  11. Check the requirements on the lower right corner from the pet adventure map, you will see the requirements to get the chest. Each match increases the number of chests by 1

  12. The percentage efficiency at the top right is the drop chance for loot, the higher the better.

  13. Read the pet skills, the stats matter little but the skills will greatly increase your pet adventures and labor.

  14. once your lunatic is level 45 and has intimacy 5 you can send it to do item pet labor (lunatic has item pet labor skill increase)

  15. Get a second poring if you haven’t and level to intimacy 3

  16. you can use the reset fruits to gamble and try to reset skills to level 10.

  17. Is actually easier to just tame another pet in hopes for high skill level.

  18. you can name all of your pets the same or based off of their skill level. example lunatic S3MA5L6 (soul strike 3, M. Atk 5, Pet Labor 6) for easier identifying)

  19. Your pets have a higher chance of getting monster cards from the pet adventure.

  20. If you click on the adventure and you want to focus on a specific item, card, or drop, select that monster and all of the drops will be related to that monster

  21. Try to reach level 70 as soon as possible with at least one of your characters, once you reach level 70 another pet labor will be available and this one is really good. This one gives you Cooking center and provides you with Adventure Meal, the best pet to use is your crying poring with cooking level 10 and high intimacy.

Happy adventuring!!!!


-What I was referring as adventure meals is actually Adventure Meatballs (thanks for pointing out)

-Turn off your auto attack before you start taming your pet (go into adventure skill tab, select auto attack and uncheck the option there)

-List of pets, skills and labor proficiency (from translation, migth not be accurate in sea, need confirming by pet owners)

  1. Lunatic, Soul strike (good against undead), Increase chance of material, refine M.ATK +%, +sp, +% Item shop center

  2. Baphomet jr., SB (chance of stun), chance of getting adventure meatball, Crit Damage +%, Move speed +%, Kafra Center +%.

  3. Petite, chance of treasure chest +% (non matching requirements?), heal +%, reduce sp usage %, cooking center +%

  4. Deviruchi, darkness elemental atk, job xp +%, + flat atk, + flat flee, +% pet center (colorful shells and pet xp pot)

  5. Isis, +% at MVP’s drops (?), reduce cast time %, heal bonus %, smile center %

  6. Sohee, water elemental atk, +% get monster card, + flat M. ATK, sp regen +%, guild center

  7. Mandragora, rare drops +%, + flat crit (good for Sins), + flat M. Def, cooking center

  8. Baby wolf, reduce stamina usage % (for the adventure), ignore defense %, HP regen %, pet center

  9. yoyo, Base xp +%, ASPD +%, + flat crit def, kafra center

  10. Savage baby, reduce adventure time %, + refine Atk, +flat def, Arena center

  11. Poring, Normal drops +%, + flat hit, + max HP, cooking center

These are all the pets available in SEA currently.

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