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Did you know that the week of April 25-May 2 is National Scoop the Poop Week? The week (one of many on our Pet Holidays calendar) is always observed following “National Sense of Smell Day,” the last Saturday in April.

And while EVERY week should be Scoop the Poop Week for dog lovers, it’s a good reminder of the importance of bagging that dog waste and carrying it away to dispose of properly.

After all, if waste isn’t removed from public areas, dog lovers will lose the privilege to take their dogs to so many places: parks, trails, beaches and more. Scoop that poop!

To make it easy to tote that poop without swinging a saggy poop bag, we’ve designed the YUCKY PUPPY® poop bag carriers. These waterproof PUL fabric bags snap on any leash, dog harness, belt or dog walking bag, and hide that poop bag until you reach the trash–no matter how far the walk! Only your dog will know what’s inside.

We’ve just introduced three new camouflage styles–pink, blue and gray–joining our popular green camo.

To celebrate, one winner will receive three sets of YUCKY PUPPY bags in the colors and styles of their choice!

Special Discount

Can’t wait to see if you win? Use coupon code DOGTIPPER to save 20% on your order in our store–and each order helps support the care of a shelter dog. Currently we’re sponsoring the care of Cherry, who is up for adoption at San Antonio’s Animal Defense League of Texas.

Enter to Win

Enter below for the chance to win three sets of YUCKY PUPPY poop bag carriers! This giveaway is open to dog lovers everywhere. Good luck!

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