Snoop Doggie Doggs! Dig into Snoop Dogg’s New Petwear Brand

Legendary rapper, businessman, media personality and creator of the Snoop Youth Football League, Snoop Dogg digs into a new line of apparel and accessories for his furry friends (and us!) called Snoop Doggie Doggs! The lineup is filled with dog apparel, accessories and plush toys, inspired from Snoop’s rapper lifestyle and launched right before the 2022 Christmas holiday.  We asked Robert Brandegee, President of Little Earth Productions, who partnered with Snoop Dogg, about the new lineup.

Dogster: We know Snoop Dogg loves dogs. Tell us how many dogs he has, how long he has had dogs and why he loves them.

Not only is Snoop a global icon, but he is also a huge animal lover — with multiple pets of his own at home. As any pet parent with more than one knows, each pet has their own distinct personality and unique loveable traits. With so many pets in the house, Snoop was the perfect partner for us, as he brought his own experience with each into the creation of the line.

D: Why launch a pet wear brand?

When Snoop’s team came to us with the idea to do a Snoop-inspired pet line, we wanted to offer pet owners a different experience from all the other dog apparel and accessory brands on the market. At Snoop Doggie Doggs, we are providing our customers with high-quality pet apparel, accessories, bandanas, hats and toys in fun, fresh designs to help pets experience what it’s like to live a life of rap royalty.

D: What is the line’s vision?

Snoop Doggie Doggs’ vision is to encourage pet owners everywhere to spoil their dogs and cats and have them live like rap royalty in their everyday lives. We tried to incorporate Snoop’s vibe, sense of humor and authenticity in all of the fun products offered within the line, while also pulling inspiration from some of his most iconic fashion looks.

D: What can dog lovers expect from the line launch in the coming years?

There’s so much more to come. Our unique lineup includes apparel, plush toys, bowls, leashes, collars and more (all of which work for felines as well as Doggs!). You can also be on the lookout for dog beds, pet carriers, dog treats and more to follow in 2023. This is just the beginning, and we’re pumped to keep putting out fresh new products, while growing SnoopDoggie Doggs into its own empire.

Want to check out or buy Snoop Doggie Doggs for your pet? It’s available on Amazon here.


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